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Benefits of a Career as a Claim Adjuster

road in Russian forestBeing a professional claim adjuster for an insurance company is a reliable, lucrative career. A claim adjuster typically will perform duties such as gathering evidence to determine liability, such as police reports, photographs, witness statements, and medical records.

An insurance company’s claim adjuster will interact with many people, including attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, police officers, witnesses and others.

Required Education

In most cases, new hires for the position of claim adjuster must have a bachelor’s degree before they can be hired by an insurance company.

Once hired, many companies will provide paid training which can sometimes last as long as three months. During this period, potential claim adjusters learn from experienced employees about the laws of the state and other helpful information they will need to know on the job.

What You Can Expect to Earn

Depending on where you work, an entry level claim adjuster can expect to earn between $27,000 to $43,000 per year. Those working in big cities where the cost of living is higher tend to be paid on the higher end of this spectrum while those living in smaller towns or rural areas typically will earn less.

Still, there are many opportunities for advancement within the insurance field. Among auto insurers, experienced claim adjusters often can become medical adjusters, a more specialized position that pays more.

Where You May Start Out

Beginning claim adjusters usually aren’t thrown out into the field on their very first day. The services they perform and the outcome of their investigations are too important to allow inexperienced claim adjusters to do it.

Consequently, most new claim adjusters will work in the customer service department of the insurance company or another area until they learn more about the industry and what is required of the position.

With the rapid growth of the insurance industry and the constant need for high quality investigators, the job of claim adjuster is a good area for anybody looking for a reliable, steady job that is interesting and enlightening.