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Home Pool Safety 101

Home Pool Safety 101

Home Pool Safety 101

While a pool can bring you hours of enjoyment, it can also increase the risk of accidents happening on your property. This risk is even higher if you have children that regularly visit your home. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your pool area is a safe place to visit and minimize any chance of someone getting hurt on your property. Here are some of the steps you can take to make your pool area as safe as possible and keep your guests from harm.


There are a few options you can choose from to make your pool area more secure. The Red Cross recommends putting a pool fence around the area with a gate that latches to keep children out. If you don’t want to take such an extreme step, you can start by placing a safety cover over the pool. The cover acts as a visual cue for visitors so they know that you do not want them to enter. You can also remove any steps or ladders used to access the pool. If you’re especially concerned, you can set up an alarm that sounds if the water in the pool is displaced. This is useful for homes with toddlers or small children that might be able to get past a gate and will not be deterred by a safety cover.


One of the best ways to ensure visitors follow your rules is to lay them out up front. Set your expectations for visitor behaviors, and ask parents to make sure children obey them. Some basic rules you may want to implement around your pool include:

  • No running on the pool deck
  • No alcoholic beverages while swimming
  • No glass of any kind near the pool
  • No unsupervised children in the pool
  • No swimming after dark unless area around the pool is lit and the pool has a light
  • No pushing, dunking or throwing people in the pool


Even if they can swim, children can easily become overwhelmed or confused in the pool, especially if they are swimming with friends. Keep an eye on them while they are swimming or even walking around on the pool deck. Have adults take turns watching the kids, and make sure they exit the pool if there are no adults left in the area. While they are swimming, make sure they keep horseplay to a minimum, and any weak swimmers are kept in the shallow part of the pool.


Swimmers who are inexperienced should wear lifejackets or flotation devices to ensure they stay safe. This helps to ensure they are protected, particularly if the area will be crowded.

If someone does get hurt in or around your pool, your home insurance policy may cover the associated costs. Before you file a claim, contact a public adjuster to help you have the best chance of success. Five Star Claims Adjusting has a staff of experienced adjusters waiting to assist you. Click here to contact us.


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