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Choose An Honest, Reliable and Expert Public Adjuster!

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Public Adjuster South Florida will treat you as a friend in need

It would be to your advantage if you take time to choose which public adjuster will represent yourself in processing your insurance claim. There are so many public adjusters advertising their services and if you’re not careful you might end up losing more than what you are losing now. There’s a news item just released concerning a public adjuster who ran away with $700,000 worth of insurance intended for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The money was supposedly owned by 29 claimants. With large amounts of money, some people are just too weak to resist the temptation.

That’s why you should choose a trusted public adjuster such as Public Adjuster South Florida by Five Star Claims if you want the money to end up in your bank account.

After waiting for several years to get what is owed to you by the insurance companies you end up with nothing. You become a victim of a hurricane and now, you again become the victim of the person you trust. It’s difficult to read the minds of the people we deal with. You think you can trust someone. Then, without a warning they disappear from the view.

The bigger the company, the safer you are. That’s why Five Star Claims can be relied on to settle your claim, collect it, and give the money to you. If you’re in the South Florida area, their Public Adjuster South Florida Service will facilitate your claim quickly and you get the right amount, not just the settled money. Meaning, their Public Adjuster South Florida service will not enter into sweetheart deals to your disadvantage. They will fight for the right amount as mandated by law.

What do you expect when you deal with your public adjuster? You expect a quick response, speedy results, courteous demeanor, and knowledgeable answers. You also expect to be treated like a human being, not a statistic. A claimant is of business interest only. You’d be more at home if are treated rather as a friend. That’s the way we treat our customers. You are not just a number on your claim document; you’re real person like us. So if you choose Public Adjuster South Florida  to professionally represent you in your insurance claims, we will also represent you as a friend in need. We will not betray your trust. All the customers who’ve come to us left with a lot of gratitude and smiles.

Five Star Claims does not represent any contractor nor do they recommend any. They work solely to represent you in any claim that you may have against insurance companies. They have no interest in any construction company tie ups. You will be well represented with no conflict of interest whatsoever. In some places, acting as contractor and public adjusters is now considered illegal.

So while there may not be any law like this here in South Florida, their Public Adjuster South Florida Service works as advertised.

They have no dealings with contractors, they have no tie ups with any insurance companies. They work purely as your reliable, trustworthy, and efficient public adjuster company.