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Choose Your Public Adjuster Wisely And Enjoy Your Insurance Claims To The Maximum!

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A Public Adjuster in Boca Raton will keep your insurance claim at the maximum with minimum expense

A public adjuster is also referred to as an insurance claims advocate. So in this regard a Public Adjuster Boca Raton job is to help those who live in this place in claiming their insurance money without doing it personally and subjected to too much difficulty. Why the intercession of a public adjuster is sought by many insurance policy holders?  This is because in case of property destructions and damages, there are certain issues where the insurer and the clients can’t agree with what is considered the right amount involved in settling the claim. It is the job of the public adjuster to help the insured party to get what they think is the proper amount from the insurance company.

Five Star Claims Adjusting has Public Adjusters in Boca Raton to be your representation for insurance customers who felt that they have a grievance against their insurance claims.

These damages are usually brought about by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquake among others. Fires are also one of the major causes for insurance claims. These are unforeseen situations which the house owners seek protection against. They insure their homes and properties against these eventualities in order to provide them with the money needed to rebuild or repair their homes as a result of the just mentioned conditions.

The insurance companies are obliged to release insurance money to their clients. The problem here lies in the disagreement concerning what is the fair amount. Since insurance companies have their own lawyers, accountants and adjusters the customers will find it difficult to go against them, especially in seeking the aid of lawyers to represent them in the court. The attorney’s fees alone will deplete their money. This will place them at a very huge disadvantage.

So the government has instituted the creation of public adjusters, to act as defenders of the claimants without putting them at the mercy of lawyers and insurers. This is precisely the reason why Five Star Claims have put up their office and one of these is the Public Adjuster Boca Raton. What we do is to counter the proposals of company adjusters which represent the insurance companies and the independent adjusters which also represent the interest of insurance companies.

As oppose to us, we are called public adjusters and we represent your interest solely. We will study the insurance companies offer and whatever allegations they would come up concerning why the amount they offer as payments is fair and square. We have our own battery of seasoned lawyers, accountants and building experts disprove their position and buttress your own.

We don’t ask advance payments instead we only ask a certain percentage of your claim once they are released. So while the claim is going on, you won’t have to release any money from your own personal finances.

Our Public Adjuster Boca Raton has been in this type of business for a long time now and we have successfully represented all our clients in claiming what is rightfully theirs.

We will do the same for you. You will enjoy the same privileges as they did and will not be subjected to stress and headaches with regards to your insurance claims. You can sit and relax while we do the fighting for you.