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Disaster May Strike but We Will Make It Easier for You to Recover

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Five Star Claims Adjusting is your passport towards fast and complete rehabilitation

If you’re thinking that having insurance for your property to protect your property investment is enough, you may be in for a rude awakening. Insurance money can help rebuild whatever you lose, but it should be complete and restored to its original status. Falling short of this, you will need the help of public adjuster to protect your interest.

I’m not referring to the insurance company’s public adjuster, but a public adjuster that works for you and has no ties with the insurance company in whatever capacity. The public adjuster I’m talking about is the kind that works for you 100%. Money is no problem at all. They will only collect after you receive your insurance claim. They will receive a percentage from your claims and not from your own pockets.

There was a time when insurance companies can decide whatever amount they decide to give you. Hiring a lawyer to protect your rights is a very expensive proposition. You are at the mercy of insurance companies and their insurance adjuster. Since there was a clamor for a fairer way of settling insurance claims, public adjusters were created for this purpose.

There are individual public adjusters and there are also those like us at Five Star Claims Adjusting that employs public adjusters to work with us. We just don’t hire any public adjusters only those with license and experience. We train them on building construction and on related fields. They can name any building parts, how much each material cost, the methods of reconstruction and repair and the amount needed to carry them out.

We monitor everything that our public adjuster does, every deal and agreement. You can be sure that your protection is paramount in our organization. Our team monitoring doesn’t mean that we don’t trust our public adjusters. They are above board and we respect their every decision. This is just a matter of procedure. We work as a team so we see to it that everybody knows what the others do.

This is an in place checking. Part of knowledge building and the same time your protection and our protection. You will receive your insurance claim, according to what your insurance stipulates. When the reconstruction of your damaged property begins, all the expenses will be monitored accordingly. You will be a party to all transactions. You will only receive the money once and this is the only money you will have that doesn’t come from your own pocket.

When the insurance money is gone and your property restoration is not complete, every expense from then on will be on your own. Our only intention is for you to get the entire amount due to you and that this will cover the overall restoration efforts.

If you need the most trusted and hard working Public Adjuster South Florida, we at Five Star Claims Adjusting services will be glad to act as your eyes, ears, feet and hands. We’ll do everything possible to get your money and make those repairs as soon as possible.