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Don’t Delay, Be On The Winning Side!

Kitchen Fire Damage

Insurance companies will try as much as possible to minimize your claims, even outright denying them. They have their own public adjuster who works for them and you won’t be able to do much if you rely on them to process your claim. There’s a saying that goes like this: don’t ask your competitor for business advice. You’re going to get into trouble sooner or later. In the same way: if you live in Orlando, don’t let your insurance company do your claim processing. You are free to hire your own public adjuster in Orlando to protect your interest.

Your Orlando public adjuster can contest the insurance company’s own findings. They can even contest the court decision. Of course, the court will base its decision on the merits of the case presented. If your public adjuster isn’t as well versed as the insurance public adjuster then you’re going to lose; that’s the normal process. Insurance companies hire the best public adjuster companies, and you should do the same. Five Star Claims Adjusting services can help you in this connection.

Our Orlando Public Adjusters Are Experienced

We have the specialists to counter whatever cards that insurance companies lay on the table. Your claims may involve sink holes, fire, water damage, or molds for that matter. You can rely on our Public Adjuster professionals in Orlando to bolster your claim in terms of technical know how, facts gathering, and case presentation.

We won’t stop until you get your property back to its condition before the calamity struck. We know that it will be very difficult for you to find money in order to repair the property damage you sustained. The insurance money is your only chance now to restore what you lost; it’s therefore crucial that your claim will be able to cover up all the expenses.

We’ve been hard at work for almost a decade, winning for thousands of our customers what is rightfully theirs. They were able to enjoy the full benefits of their claims through able representation.

We Never Compromise

We don’t choose our customers, they choose us and we never say no to anybody just on the basis of the size the job presented to us. There’s no such thing as too small or too big a job for us. We will help everyone who comes to us for help.

Don’t delay. Contact our team of public adjusters at our Orlando office immediately right after the destruction happens. We may lose the important details we need to help you get the full amount. It’s better if we can go there ahead of the insurance company’s public adjusters.