Foundation Damage FAQ

Foundation Damage FAQ

Before owning a home, you may never have heard of foundation damage or had any idea how big of an issue it can be. But foundation damage is something every homeowner should be aware of, as it can lead to a lot of heartache down the road.

What is Foundation Damage?

The foundation of your home is the base on which the rest of the home is built. Depending on how your home was constructed, your foundation may be made of solid concrete or hollow concrete masonry blocks. Foundation damage refers to the issues that arise within and outside your home as the foundation of your home shifts, becomes older and gets damaged. Foundation damage can become apparent in several ways, including:

  • Cracks in the walls or floors of the home
  • Cracks along the exterior surface
  • Loud creaking or settling sounds
  • An uneven slant to the floor

What Causes Foundation Damage?

There can be many causes of foundation damage, and the cause for your foundation problems can be a key reason that your homeowner’s insurance company refuses to cover the damage. If the cause is found to be an issue that you knew about but ignored in some way, the insurance company can refuse your claim and say the damage was caused by you neglecting your responsibility to maintain the home.

Some of the most common causes of foundation damage include:

Improper drainage – If your home is not outfitted with gutters, or the gutters become clogged or separated from the home, rainwater can fall close to the home and cause the dirt around the foundation to shift. To avoid this issue, be sure to check and clean your gutters regularly.

Root and Plant Growth – The roots of nearby trees and large plants can grow under the foundation of your home, causing it to shift. To avoid this issue, make sure you leave a buffer area between where you plant trees and other large plants, and the foundation of your home.

Poor Construction – Cheap or improper building techniques can cause the foundation of the home to get damaged prematurely. To avoid having this issues in the long term, have a proper inspection done before you buy the home.

Covered Perils That Can Cause Foundation Damage

There are perils covered under your policy that can result in foundation damage. Some of these perils include:

  • Fire
  • Natural disasters, such as a tornado or thunderstorm
  • Sewage backup or plumbing issue

What Should You Do In Case of Foundation Damage?

If you’ve discovered that your home may have foundation damage, there is no time to waste. You should be proactive about filing a homeowners insurance claim, but before you do, consult with an experienced public adjuster who can increase your chances of getting the claim approved. Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting today to get the help you need.

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