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Healthy Home Series: Minimizing Chemicals in the Home

Minimizing the amount of chemicals in your home is difficult because chemicals are all around us. But there are steps you can take to get these levels under control and reduce the impact they have on your health and your family’s health. As an added bonus, you can lower the impact your household has on the environment and live a greener lifestyle.

If you’re worried about the level of chemicals in your home, here are some steps you can take to reduce the levels and keep them down.

Eliminate Household Cleaners

While many people rely on household cleaners to keep their homes free of bacteria and germs, these cleaners have the unwanted side effect of leaving chemicals behind in the home. There are many natural substances you can use to make your own cleaning products. These simple solutions were used by housewives generations ago when there were no cleaning products and still work well to this day. Try using vinegar to clean windows and mirrors, baking soda to clean tiles and grout, and lemon with a sprig of rosemary on the stove to make a natural air freshener.

Reduce Pest Control

Pest control is seen as a necessity in many Florida households, but this process introduces strong chemicals into the home. This can be especially unhealthy if you have pets or small children that lay or crawl along your floors. Cut back on the frequency of your pest control, and take simple steps to keep the pests away, such as:

  • Clean dishes promptly
  • Take trash out regularly
  • Seal any cracks or openings
  • Put food away in sealed containers as soon as possible

Stop Using Air Fresheners

Using household air fresheners may keep the air in your home smelling good, but it also introduces many foreign substances into the air. Some air fresheners use formaldehyde, petroleum and other chemicals as part of their formulation.

Eliminate Tap Water From Your Diet

Drinking tap water may be economical, but it may also expose you to more than you realize. While tap water does have to meet certain regulations set by the EPA, those guidelines allow for a certain amount of chemicals to be present, including:

  • lead
  • chlorine
  • E. coli
  • Pesticides

While bottled water may seem like a better choice, some studies suggest that it is just as bad as tap water. The two are regulated differently, with the FDA overseeing the quality of bottled water. They do not require companies to release the chemical levels of the water they sell, while the EPA does require yearly reports on tap water. Given all these variables, filtering your water may be your best bet. A simple filtered water pitcher is all you need.

These steps will help you significantly reduce the chemical levels in your home. If an incident does occur in your home and you need help filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, Five Star Claims Adjusting can help. Click here to contact us.