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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Pest and Small Animal Damage?

If you find a rodent or pest has caused damage to your home, the cost of repairing the affected areas can add up to quite a bit. You may start wondering if your home insurance has any provisions to help you defray some of the cost. Read on to learn more about what homeowner’s insurance will and will not cover when it comes to damage caused by an animal or pest within your home.


Pests, Rodents, and Birds in The Home

Once they’ve infiltrated the outer walls of your home, animals can quickly start wreaking havoc inside. Certain pests, like termites, rats and squirrels can chew through the walls, insulation, and wiring, causing structural damage or sparking a fire. Others, like bedbugs, work quickly to infest the carpet and furniture. In either case, professional treatment for removal and restoration of your property may be in order.

Removal of Rodents, Insects and Other Pests Within The Home

Preventing pests and rodents from entering the home is considered part of proper regular maintenance, therefore, the responsibility is in the hands of the homeowner. From the insurer’s point of view, if pests have managed to enter the home, it is because you have neglected your duty to maintain the home by getting proper pest control done. In the case of small animals, they typically enter through unpatched openings which the insurer holds you responsible for closing up. This is why most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the cost of having pests professionally removed, and the subsequent damage they cause to your home.

What Damages Are Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

While many of the damages caused by pests, rodents, and other small animals are not covered by insurance, there are circumstances that may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. These are typically only if the pests have caused a serious form of damage to the home that results in a covered peril. Some examples of this include:

  • If a fire starts due to an animal chewing your wiring, this will typically be covered, as most homeowner insurance policies will pay in the case of a house fire.
  • Structural damage, such as a roof collapse, is often covered, though some policies will only cover the secondary damage and not the initial damage that caused the collapse.

The only way to know for sure if the damage caused to your home will be covered is to contact your insurer and find out what your policy covers. Before you do this, contact a qualified public insurance adjuster to see how they can help get your claim approved. Five Star Claims Adjusting can help! Contact us today to get started.