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Pembroke Pines

insurance claims adjuster Are you looking for an insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines to handle your claim? With offices throughout the state, Five Star Claims has an independent insurance adjuster near you that can help you with your claim. Whatever your case may be, you’ll find a claims adjuster that specializes in that type of claim.

Your claims adjuster will complete a detailed report of the damages and estimate the cost you’ll need to cover the repairs. You’ll get a detailed list of all items that were damaged, lost, or stolen as a result of your claim.  After a claims adjuster makes a complete evaluation, you’ll receive a full report detailing what will need to be replaced and exactly how much it will cost. Five Stair Claims will hire engineers or any other specialists needed to survey the damages. The adjusters at Five Star Claims only get paid once you collect your money from the insurance company. Our adjusters work hard to get you the most money possible for your claim and only take their fee if and when you get a check. Trying to make a claim on your own without the help of a claims adjuster in Pembroke Pines will usually result in you receiving less money than you would if you work with an insurance adjustor who’s working hard to get you the most money possible.  Five Star Claims handles all types of insurance claims including flood, fire damage, water damage and more.

The insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines at Five Star Claims also handle claims due to natural disasters and vandalism. In Florida, you may re-open a claim up to 5 years after after the event took place. Five Star Claims in Pembroke Pines offers a free evaluation if your claim was denied for any reason.  On average, payouts are 74% higher than those of individuals who filed their own claim. Contact an insurance adjuster in Pembroke Pines from Five Star Claims today. Call 1-800-MY-FIVE-STAR or contact an agent today.