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It’s Not Only Our Job, It’s Our Duty

Flooded houses



Five Star Claims Adjusting will keep your hopes alive

How do you protect your home from getting damaged? One way of doing it is to build a house with solid foundations. Much as we want to do it, we are limited by our income. It’s also physically impossible for us to protect our house unless we have super human strength. So what we can do is take the second best recourse and that is to get insurance for our house or building.

It’s a good thing that every homeowner is required to do such a thing. We would be exposing ourselves to unnecessary difficulties when our house gets damaged brought about by flood, fire, molds, sinkholes, and other unforeseen events. There’s no other way to do it. Getting insurance is the only alternative and the best one to do it.

Paying insurance premium is not difficult if we do it regularly. We should also choose an insurance plan that will cover the complete rehabilitation of our property. Finding money to complete the repair of our homes when it’s totally destroyed would be next to impossible. You will need all the money to repair your house and get it back to the same condition prior to the disaster. That’s the plan. Choosing an insurance company which has a good reputation when it comes to paying claims should be your number one priority.

You expect to get paid the full amount stipulated in the contract you signed. That’s the ideal. You want to get back what you paid out.

When you file your claim, insurance companies will send their adjusters to evaluate the damage and after a few days, you’ll be lucky if that’s the case, will present the amount that represents your claim. You may find the amount short of your expectation. You want a bigger one, but the no insurance company representative will even talk to you.

Getting a lawyer is out of the question, but getting your own public adjuster is what you can do. Your own public adjuster will take up your claim and will file another claim in your behalf. They will go over the documents prepared by the insurance adjuster and then inspect your place or vice versa. After that they’ll put all these in papers into writing and submit their findings to the insurance company.

The insurance company may add more money after going over the counter offer. Your public adjuster will advise you to refuse it and bring the case to the court. It’s their word against yours and your public adjuster. It’s crucial that your public adjuster knows what it’s doing. We would like therefore to offer you the services of our public adjuster Boca Raton.

We represent Five Star Claims Adjusting a full pledge public adjuster company fully licensed by the state of Florida to help you in your struggle against the insurance company. We have been doing this type of job for several years now and we can assure you that we have the expertise and experience to win the case for you.

We can help you with all kinds of property losses, assist you by overseeing the entire restoration process until your property is back to its original state prior to the damage. We’ll work for you and you alone. You don’t have to pay us unless you get paid.   It’s  not only our job to help you, it’s our duty as well.