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What You Should Know: Appliances That Can Cause Water Damage

appliances-that-can-cause-water-damageAs homeowners, many people spend time worrying about damages that are statistically not likely to happen to them and are unaware of the very real threats that already exist in the home. Many household floods are caused by internal sources that are unrelated to the weather or outside elements.  Whether it’s an appliance that has malfunctioned or a plumbing leak, there are many ways water can end up flooding your home without any help from Mother Nature.

Floodwater Safety and Water Classification

Depending on the circumstances, the water that floods a home may be classified as grey or black water. Grey water contains a high amount of contaminants that can harm the occupants of a home if exposed to it. Black water is the least sanitary type of water and typically contains harmful bacteria. Water that has flooded into the home from a toilet leak should be cleaned up by a professional service in order to ensure that it is done properly and no one becomes ill during the process.

Washing Machines

The likely cause of a washing machine flood is a faulty washing machine hose. This is the hose that allows water to fill the body of the machine, and as you’ve likely seen yourself when you put your laundry in, it pumps a lot of water in a short amount of time. If your washing machine has a rubber hose instead of a braided one, the hose is more likely to wear out and burst. One of the worst things about a washing machine hose leak is that it is nearly impossible to predict, but regularly changing the intake hose so that it doesn’t wear out is one thing you can do to try and prevent disaster.


Most modern refrigerators have a built-in ice maker, water filtration system or both. These conveniences are made possible by a water line that comes into the back of the refrigerator. If this line is damaged r begins to leak, it can cause water damage and flooding. A slow leak from the water line can result in mold growth, as the wet spots are likely to be hidden from sight and dark thanks to the refrigerator.


A toilet leak is often a cause of worry because of the possible contamination factor due to the water’s source. Water that comes from the toilet tank or a clean toilet bowl is generally clean and not a cause for concern. However, if there is any doubt about the cleanliness of the water, the safest thing to do is to contact a specialized cleanup contractor who can remove the water and clean and dry any affected surfaces.

Water Heaters

If your water heater has a leak, the water can fill your home very quickly. This is because the water is designed to fill the water heater tank and has no built in shut off. In addition to damaging the electrical components of the water heater, the water can spill over and damage the flooring nearby.

If one of your appliances causes your home to flood, then you will need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim to cover the damages. Contact a public adjuster to find out the right way to file your claim and get it approved right away.