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How Long Does a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Take?


After you file an insurance claim, the process of waiting to hear whether or not your claim has been approved can be nerve wracking. Many homeowners can’t afford to pay out of pocket to have repairs done and have to live with the damage in their homes until the insurance payout comes. While waiting can be hard, you can take solace in the fact that there are some laws in place to help keep your insurer from taking too long to process and pay a claim.


How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take?

The process of filing an insurance claim is unique to every situation, and it’s hard for anyone to say exactly how long the process of filing your claim and getting it approved will take. There are several steps to the process, including the insurer sending out an appraiser to evaluate the damage, and negotiating the amount of the claim. From your end, there are some things you can do to help keep the process moving along and get your claim approved in a fast manner.

How Disaster Related Claims Can Get Delayed

If your home was damaged due to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, your claim can be delayed due to the sheer volume of claims the insurance company is likely to receive. If roads and bridges leading to your home have been damaged as well, your insurer may not be able to reach your property in order to properly investigate your claim. While there are laws in place to cover how long the insurer has to respond to your claim, disaster conditions can make it hard for them to adhere to those guidelines.

What Does The Law Say About Insurance Claims?

According to the Florida statute, your insurer has 90 days from the date your claim is reported to pay your claim. The insurer can be exempted from the 90-day rule if there is an extenuating circumstance making them unable to pay. However, you should hear from the insurer, and the adjuster working on your case, long before the 90-day timeframe is up.

How Can You Keep Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Processing in a Timely Manner?

One of the ways you can keep your insurance claim moving is to ensure that you stay in contact with the insurance company. Every adjuster at the insurance company is responsible for multiple claims at the same time. Depending on how large the insurer is, this can mean hundreds or even thousands of claims at a time. If you don’t have experience dealing with adjusters, this can be a difficult part of the process to navigate. Having a public adjuster on your side when you file a claim can work to your advantage, because they are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and know exactly how to communicate with your adjuster.

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