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Our Expertise Will Deliver You from Difficulties



Five Star Claims Adjusting offers you 100% service with guaranteed results

Our number one job is to help facilitate fair insurance claim. We have veteran public adjusters working for us to ensure that you receive your money on time and receive it in the amount reflected in your insurance policy.  Five Star Claims Adjusting is in this business because we believe that you are entitled to a fair treatment and insurance companies can’ just dictate whatever amount they want to give you. You should be given at your day in the court, if ever it comes to that, to demand what is rightfully yours, and that is our job.

Our public adjusters will evaluate everything using their intense training and several years of experience in order to come up with highly irrefutable evidences to bolster your claim. Since we don’t have any tie with insurance companies, you can trust that we will fight for your right and nobody else.

Don’t worry about the expenses. You won’t have to spend anything until you receive your money. Since we have our resources, we will handle all the expenses related to your claim. There’s no way that we will overcharge or send you a huge bill since our fee is already pegged at a certain percentage with regards to your claim money.

All you have to do is to wait while the proceedings are going on. Our lawyers will study all the facts that our public adjusters will supply them and our accountants will determine the precise amount. We are fully armed to protect you and we always win the day for our clients like you. We have handled thousand of cases such as yours and we have never lost even once. That’s how reliable, we are.

Do you really need your own public adjuster? Why not avail with what the insurance companies will provide you? Are we making money out of your misery? You’ve been dealing with your insurance companies for several years already paying your premiums and they have been always nice and good for you. You know them better than you know us.

You have a point there. You have been dealing with them and you have cordial relationships with them. Why should they do otherwise? You are doing them a favor. The true test of friendship is when you receive it, in times when you need it. In this case the insurance company treats everything, nothing else but just plain and simple business. There’s no friendship involved here. You pay them and they give you back your money it in return. Good if they give it without any deductions. Now, here lies the problem.

We don’t claim friendship as well, but we have a higher purpose than them. We are offering a service as opposed to their business.  The payment arrangement alone would show how serious we are in our effort in helping you. Is it really necessary to hire your own public adjuster? The government has seen the importance of our job, that’s why they gave us a mandate. The clamor for fair play has necessitated our task.

If ever you are looking for the most reliable and dependable public adjuster in South Florida, you can find most of them working with us at Five Star Claims Adjustment. Call us now and we will be with you right away and help you with your insurance claim problems without delay.