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Our Experts are Better Than Theirs


Flooded houses

Five Star Claims Adjusting uses solid evidences to put insurance companies in their right place

There are so many bad things that can happen to your house or building. When disaster strikes, you have a fall back since your house or building is insured anyway.  You made sure that your insurance premium is more than enough to compensate for the expenses that you may incur later if you need it. It’s a comforting thought until you run into problems concerning your claim. The insurance company’s adjuster has found so many faults with your building or house and the money you are supposed to receive falls very short of your rebuilding efforts.

You will be adamant of course, but what can you do against such giant company’s. Hiring a lawyer will even diminish your claim money if you lose. Remember these insurance companies have their own battery of lawyers to meet head on what you can throw their way.  So what are you going to do? Will you just throw in the towel and accept the insult. Of course, you don’t have to.

You have another recourse which is more effective and the success rate is even higher.  No money is going to get out from your wallet. Yes, you heard it right. Just call us and we will start the claims proceeding in your behalf. You only pay us when you receive the full amount; just a percentage.  If we lose, which we never did, you don’t have any obligation to us.

We call ourselves Five Star Claims Adjusting. We have several public adjusters working under us. They are all highly trained and considered experts in building construction. We can actually counter any issues that the insurance company has against you. We have also our lawyers to take care of their lawyers and top notch accountants to do the counting.

We are going to methodically break down their arguments with our arguments based on facts. Any question they have concerned the construction of previous house or building, materials used, the approval of building inspectors and reconstruction efforts will be met with expert evaluation and presentation.

We can always contact the construction company who built your house; the material supplier’s concerning the materials used during the construction and the rating that the building inspector had given to your house or building. With insurmountable evidence, they’re hearsay evidences will fall like a house of cards.

It’s not a matter who speaks best, but whose evidence carries much weight. We have both talent and that’ gives a lot of advantages. We have been servicing the residents of the City of Orlando during the great hurricanes and in minor bad weather conditions with great success.

We have always been honest with our dealings and we don’t have secrets to hide.  We have no hidden agendas and liaisons with any institutions. You hire us you are our boss. The Public Adjuster Orlando working with us is also working with you and nobody else. You have our full assistance; please give us your full confidence.