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public-adjuster-aventuraIf you are looking for a public adjuster in the Aventura area look no further than Five Star Claims Adjusting.

If you are a homeowner, or business owner, or on the board of a condo association it can be daunting to deal with property loss. You don’t know where to begin. You’re surrounded by the damage, dazed and overwhelmed, while your children, employees or residents look to you for leadership. Be it fire damage, water damage, hurricane damage, or spoiled structures you will need to file an insurance claim. And does your insurance company have your back? No, they are giving you the runaround. They are turning down your calls. And pushing you to accept a settlement that you know is much less than what you deserve.

What’s worse, you don’t have time to read through property handbooks or become acquainted with real estate law.

Did you know that your claim can be opened even if it was denied? Florida law allows for claims to be re-opened up to five years after a breach of contract. Surprisingly, even board of directors do not know all the laws and loopholes.

Did you know that with an Aventura public adjuster by your side you can finally be taken seriously by your insurance company – and reach that pesky decision-maker that’s been avoiding your calls?

Professional and Experienced Public Adjusters In Aventura

Before you hike up the assessment on your residents, get an expert on your side to tell you what that hurricane damage to your housing is really worth. Licensed, bonded, and insured, Five Star Claims Adjusting has recovered over $250,000,000 for our clients. Our public adjusters working in Aventura help document your case history and call in experts in the field of insurance law, architecture, contracting and real estate in order to accurately and fairly estimate the cost of your emergency.

Aventura public adjusters save you hours of worry and uncertainty at a time when you can afford neither. Insurance companies are not motivated to give you the highest return possible. Our professional team of public adjusters working in the Aventura area handle the arbitration process with poise, confidence and compassion, so you can rest in the knowledge that you are protected by the law.

Five Star Claims Adjusting understands that the payouts for insurance companies are typically based on predetermined formulas. Your situation may be unique. To find out if you’re getting less than what you feel the property to be worth, just contact us. Our team of tenacious public adjusters in Aventura have worked in the insurance industry and have the knowledge and drive to get you the largest return.

Get a second opinion today by calling our public adjuster in Aventura. You may be surprised to find that you are obtaining an unfair offer. Do not be lowballed and pressured to sign for less than what your claim is worth. Our public adjusters in Aventura hold the insurance companies accountable. We personally inspect the damaged property, free of charge, and work diligently with agents, arbiters, and umpires in insurance industries and government municipalities to get you a fair claim.

Contact Our Aventura Public Adjusters Today

If you or your family have been displaced from your home, or if your business has been destroyed and insurance companies have tried to take advantage of your difficult situation, do not take their offer. Just having a public adjuster on your side will show your insurance company that you are not one to be trifled with. These types of disasters are never something you want to experience but we help mitigate the process.

Don’t be the person that says, “I wish I would have called sooner.” Hire an Aventura public adjuster and be in the clear about what your rights are. We only take our contingency fee if you receive payment for your claim. Maximise the amount you can recover with a professional fighting by your side. Call a local public adjuster in Aventura at (954) 302-1106 and get a free estimate of the damage.