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Public Adjuster Coral SpringsWhen property damage of any type occurs in Coral Springs, it’s time to contact a Coral Springs public adjuster. Since the claims process can be very time consuming, it makes a lot of sense to have an experienced public adjuster representing you.

Our public adjusters in Coral Springs are experienced professionals you can hire to represent you in documenting and negotiating your insurance claim. They work only for policy holders and are well positioned to effectively represent your interests.

Why You Should Hire A Public Adjuster in Coral Springs

It’s a fact. Most people who file a claim rely completely on their insurance company to calculate the amount of damage and to state what they’re owed. That’s not recommended if you want to be fully paid. The way to get paid all that you are owed is to do your own calculations and research, provide complete documentation to your insurer, make a written demand for payment and keep following up until you get paid. Especially when it comes to a large loss – you might need help from professionals to do the research and calculations.

The insurance company typically sends out their own staff adjuster or “independent” adjuster, and their selected contractor, whose job it is to identify the scope of work and to estimate the costs to repair or rebuild your home. They measure the loss for the insurance company, not for you. This matters because a lot of money at stake. Moreover, it’s important to remember that your financial goals and the insurers’ financial goals are not the same.

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It is often difficult for you to know whether you are getting all that is owed under your insurance policy. Your policy might give you extended coverage beyond the stated dollar limits on the policy. Our public adjusters in Coral Springs are professional and qualified advocates who can represent you in the process and give you more recovery leverage.

Documenting a major property loss is time-consuming and challenging. Instead of relying on the insurance company to decide how much you get to rebuild your Coral Springs home, fill out our contact form or call us at 954-302-1106 to speak with experienced public adjusters today.