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Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale


Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale will protect your insurance claims from being exploited

Is it possible that you’ll fall victim to an unlicensed public adjuster? You will if you’re not careful. Bogus licenses are easy to prepare, and they’ll promise you something that you can’t refuse. There were many who had the unfortunate luck to fall victim to these scammers and they ended up losing their money completely.

These con men will move heaven and earth just to get your business. You think you have the perfect set up, but in the end you’ll lose everything. You should be wary of people who offer you package deals wherein you don’t do anything but just wait for your money; in short: deals which are too good to be true. Check right away if the person is a state licensed public adjuster and also the company he or she represents if ever he or she ever mentions one. If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, get in touch with the proper authorities and check these persons right away.

And also, check whether if the public adjuster Fort Lauderdale establishment that they mention also exists.

You can easily find out if the company exists or not by checking with the Better Business Bureau or BBB. And if it’s there, check whether it’s legitimate or not. And if it is legitimate, call it and ask if the person that came to you to offer his or her services is their employee.

They’re smooth talkers and you will be easily swayed without a doubt. They’re preying on your susceptibility, especially if you had just suffered from accidents or calamities which may have just struck your place. They will present a very tempting scenario and they will charge much less than the other  public adjuster Fort Lauderdale companies.

Unlicensed public adjusters have no authority to represent you for any insurance claims. And if you complain against them, they have nothing to lose since they don’t have anything that the government can do about it. No license to suspend and no fines to enforce. Remember: as of the present, there are no government agencies that monitor these types of activities and you are on your own to look after yourself.

We’d like to help you in that area. Five Star Claims is a full-fledged public adjuster company. We are listed in the BBB and have a high customer satisfaction rating. We are fully licensed to operate, same with our public adjuster representatives. Our aim is to help you settle your insurance claims against any property losses due to calamities or catastrophes that may have affected them. We are here to protect you from scammers and fraudulent persons or establishments from taking advantage of you.

Don’t settle transactions in your house or somewhere else. We’ll invite you to our public adjuster Fort Lauderdale office if you want to make everything legal for your protection.

We have helped hundreds of claimants to obtain the money that is rightfully theirs. We don’t have interests with any insurance companies. You won’t be sold out and you will get your money personally if you want to. Pay us only when the transaction is fully concluded and only from the proceeds of your insurance claims.

With several years in doing public adjusting jobs we were never, not even once, accused of any impropriety. Our public adjuster Fort Lauderdale personnel are highly trained and fully professionals. You will be well represented if you trust us with your insurance policy claims.