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Hialeah Public Adjusters Fighting For You

Public Adjuster HialeahIf you are looking for a public adjuster in the Hialeah area look no further than Five Star Claims Adjusting.

Fire damage? Water damage? Theft? And does your insurance company have your back? No, they are giving you the runaround. They are turning down your calls and pushing you to accept a settlement that you know is much less than what you deserve. If you’ve recently filed a claim, you might be getting back less than what you deserve.

Many Hialeah residents and business owners do not know that public adjusters exist in order to help you negotiate the maze of complexity that is the insurance industry. We’ve recovered over $250,000,000 in insurance proceeds on behalf of our clients. A Hialeah public adjuster inspects the damage to your home and business, documents your case history, and fights the insurance companies on your behalf in order to get you the largest claim possible. There are so many stories we could tell of people that did not know how large of a return the could get back. Our public adjusters in Hialeah have brought countless people from the brink of disaster. Make no mistake about it, the insurance industry wants to get squeeze as much information out of you as possible. They make their money by paying you the least amount.

If your home, restaurant or venue has suffered losses you should call Hialeah public adjusters in order to get a fair estimate of the damage. We hire the contracting, architecture, and litigation professionals knowledgeable in their respective industry to assess the costs of your damage. Water, flood, storm, fire, mold, collapse, burglary – our public adjusters handle it all. Get a free 11-point claim inspection from a professional Hialeah public adjuster. Our estimate will likely be higher than theirs. Even if the damage is extensive you are entitled to the full value of the damaged product. Do not be lowballed and pressured to sign for less than what your claim is worth.

Experienced Public Adjusters in Hialeah

Licensed, bonded, and insured, Five Star Claims Adjusting has helped over 16,000 property owners recover over $250,000,000. We personally inspect the damaged property, free of charge, and work diligently with agents, arbiters, and umpires in insurance industries and government municipalities to get you a fair claim. If you or your family have been displaced from your home, or if your business has been destroyed and insurance companies have tried to take advantage of your difficult situation, do not take their offer. Call a Hialeah public adjuster first at (954) 302-1106.

Just having a public adjuster on your side will show your insurance company that you are not one to be trifled with. The litigation process can be lengthy and complex, often lasting months (or years) depending on the value of the damage. There are multiple deals, counter deals, exchanges and meetings before a final number is settled on.

Contact Our Professional Hialeah Public Adjusters

Just like you wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, you shouldn’t handle your insurance claim without a certified Hialeah public adjuster. You could do it, but without knowledge of the rules and procedures you might be at a sizable disadvantage. These types of disasters are never something you want to experience. We hear it from clients all the time: “I wish I would have called sooner.”

Hire a Hialeah public adjuster and be in the clear about what your rights are and get the most to what you are entitled to. Insurers have legal help, so why shouldn’t you.
What you don’t know about dealing with adjusters will be used against you to limit the amount you can recover. Don’t go it alone. Contact us and our public adjuster in Hialeah at (954) 302-1106 and get a free estimate of the damage.