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Five Safety Tips to Follow in Your Kitchen

Five Safety Tips to Follow in Your Kitchen

Five Safety Tips to Follow in Your Kitchen

Did you know that cooking is one of the leading causes of fires in the home?  In fact, two of each five home fires start in the kitchen.  Property owners and managers are often proactive by educating residents about ways to stop kitchen fires indoors or grill fires on the patio in order that a flash of celebration anywhere near an open flame doesn't destroy an asset and resort to having to hire a public claims adjuster in Polk County, FL. To prevent fires from occurring in your kitchen, there are a few safety tips that you should follow.

Tidy Up as You Cook

A pot holder or tea towel that sits right next to an open flame can spell disaster.   Keep all materials, including plastic ware and packaging, far away from the stovetop.  Also, a greasy plastic or wooden spoon can get hot enough to ignite. Keep your work areas clean by tidying up as you cook.  When you have a spare minute, take the time to clean a messy dish or wipe down the nearby surfaces. Grease from a previous cooking session can ignite, so it’s best to take a few extra minutes and clean up before and after you cook.

Keep Children out of the Kitchen

Kids should stand back a few feet away from the hot surfaces that you are using to cook, whether inside or out.  By turning pot handles inward or making an imaginary ring around a grilling area, the danger of a toddler grabbing the pot or accidentally knocking over a grill is reduced.  Also, by nature, kids are often a distraction to a safety-conscious chef, so it's best to keep them out of the kitchen entirely.

Wear the Right Clothes

Loose clothing can inadvertently catch on fire, even if you don't realize it at first.  This is one of the reasons why a chef’s cooking smock usually has shortened, tapered sleeves.  Avoid wearing loose, long sleeves or baggy clothing while fixing dinner over or near an open flame.

Give the Grill Some Space

Not only should kids occupy least three feet from heat sources, if outdoor grills are permitted, they ought to be placed at least ten feet from the house, deck, or shed.  You should also keep the grill far away from any large shrubs or trees, as they create a fire hazard as well.

Beware of Grease

When too hot, grease can catch fire quickly. Grease fires are often quelled quickly by isolating the oxygen supply inside the pan. To cut off the oxygen supply, close up the warmth source, put a lid over the pan and hold it there for a couple of moments, but be careful not to burn yourself.  Also, don’t move a flaming pot or pan far away from the stove, as this will only cause the fire to spread.  If flames become too great to smother, you will want to call the fire department immediately.

These are a few of the safety tips that you can practice when you are cooking at home.  Reducing the risk of fires by understanding how to keep them under control is the best prevention method.  If you happen to suffer damages from a fire, contact our public claims adjuster in Polk County, FL today.

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