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Five Ways to Properly Inspect Your Home for Hail Damage

Five Ways to Properly Inspect Your Home for Hail Damage

Five Ways to Properly Inspect Your Home for Hail Damage

Hail can come suddenly and wreak havoc on the structures and features outside of your home.  It can destroy everything from your roof to your gutters to your car.  When a hailstorm passes through your area, there is little that you can do to prepare your home for this type of weather.  The larger the hail, the more damage that it can cause.  As a public insurance claims adjuster in Hillsborough County, FL, we work with many homeowners after they have suffered from hail damage to fairly assess and estimate the cost of damages.  There are a few steps you need to follow to accurately assess your home for hail damage.

Check Your Gutters for Dents

Because your gutters are exposed on the side of your roofline and down the side of your home, it is likely that you will notice dents in them.  Walk around your home and thoroughly inspect your gutters for both large dents and small ones.  Heavily dented gutters will need to be repaired quickly, as they may lose both function and appeal.

Inspect Your AC Unit

If you do not have a storm cage over your AC unit, it may have suffered from hail damage as well.  When this hail damage is extensive, it can decrease the function or even destroy the mechanical elements of your entire system.  

Take a Close Look at Your Siding

Check your home’s siding for signs of dents, dings, or other types of impact from the storm.  If you have any exposed metal surfaces, like fascia, on your home, you will also want to take a close look for any impact damage on those surfaces as well.  When you notice enough dings, you may want to consider an insurance claim.

Get a Close Look at Your Roof

One of the places that is most susceptible to hail damage is your rooftop.  As your first line of defense against the weather, you roof may take most of the brutal weather.  Shingles may be missing their granules, which decreases their overall effectiveness of protecting your roof.  Chimney covers, skylights, and other roof features may also have dents from the hail.  One of the best ways to check for these small dents is to run a piece of chalk along these features, as this will illuminate any dents or large divots that need to be repaired.

Trust the Professionals

If you are uncertain on how to inspect your home for damages, you should reach out to the professionals to do a damage assessment.  Contractors that specialize in these areas of the home, like roofers, or public insurance adjusters can be helpful when it comes to assessing your property.  They know exactly where to look to find the hail damage that may be present on your property without you noticing right away.

These are a few steps you should take to evaluate your home for any hail damage.  When you are inspecting your property and you notice extensive hail damage, you will want to call our public insurance claims adjuster of Hillsborough County, FL for help.  We fairly estimate the cost of your damages to get you the insurance settlement you need to cover repairs.  Contact us to hear how we can help with your claim today.

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