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Six Basic Home Maintenance Tasks that Will Surprisingly Protect Your Home

Six Basic Home Maintenance Tasks that Will Surprisingly Protect Your Home

Six Basic Home Maintenance Tasks that Will Surprisingly Protect Your Home

Are you looking to take care of preventative maintenance before hurricane season rolls back around?  When you live in Florida, you are no stranger to the dangers of hurricanes and other tropical storms that affect our area.  In fact, many homeowners take these next few months to start to prepare by doing basic maintenance tasks around their home.  This helps prevent the need for property claims in Hillsborough County, FL.  There are six basic home maintenance tasks that will surprisingly protect your home during hurricane season.

Patch Your Roof

Shingles can fly away during times of heavy wind or they can be damaged by ice during the winter.  When you have a few missing shingles, it may only produce an eyesore that you are just tired of looking at.  However, when you have many missing shingles, you will want to repair this issue soon.  It could indicate a poor installation technique that can continue to persist.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning your gutters can prevent water from pooling on your rooftop or improperly draining down your siding.  When your gutters are clogged, it can cause issues that may leave your roof sagging under the heavy water that has been building up when there are times of heavy rainfall.  It can also compromise the structural integrity of your foundation by not draining away from your home

Get Those Inspections

Professionals are trained to recognize issues that many homeowners would never spot.  For this reason, you should actually aim to have a roof, AC, electrical, and other system repairs and inspections every year, especially when you live in areas that need to withstand extreme temperatures and storms.

Treat Water Problems

If you have any water that builds up on your roof or in your home and never fully evaporates, it can cause mold and mildew to start growing.  These problems can be eradicated quickly with the right cleaning solutions and preventative measures, but you will want to tackle them as soon as you can.  When you ignore these issues, they can eventually cause rotting issues that will degrade the strength of your building materials.

Trim Your Trees

Trimming your trees is a great place to start.  If you notice that any of your trees are hanging over your structures or your roofline, they should be trimmed right away.  Also, any dead or decaying branches will be weaker than others and should be removed to prevent them from blowing around and potentially breaking your windows in a windstorm.

Check on Your Sump Pump

In the event of heavy rains, you may be subject to flooding issues and water damage in your home.  Many Florida homeowners have a sump pump on their property to pump the water away from the structure of the home.  However, if this pump breaks at the wrong time, it can leave your home, yard, and belongings susceptible to the effects of flooding.  

These are few of the basic maintenance tasks that can protect your home when hurricane season rolls around.  In the event that you have suffered damages, you will likely need to file property claims in Hillsborough County, FL to get the insurance money you need for repairs.  Contact us to hear how we can support you through that process today.

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