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What Information You Need to Start a Property Claim

What Information You Need to Start a Property Claim

What Information You Need to Start a Property Claim

Have you recently suffered from property damage that has caused you to file a property claim with your insurance carrier?  When it comes to filing property claims in Polk County, FL, you will want to do so properly.  The insurance claims process can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you require the insurance money to restore your house back its original state.  To move the process along, you will want to have this basic information ready when it comes time to start filling out your property claim.

Basic Personal Information

When it comes time to fill out your insurance claim, you will need to have access to some basic information.  Not only do you need to have personal documentation prepared, but you should also know your insurance information.  Pull out your insurance paperwork to have everything readily available for your paperwork or any phone calls.  

Type of Property Claim You Are Filing

The first thing you'll want to do is to understand the type of property claim that you will be filing.  What type of damage have you suffered?  Take a look at your insurance policy to understand your coverage, and file the property claim under the right category.  This can prevent hiccups in the process later on.  Common damages include hurricane, storm, water, and wind damage.

Description of the Damage

Your insurance claim will ask specific details about the damages that you've sustained.  Be sure to provide them with a detailed and itemized list that indicates all of the damages to your home or property.  To be extra thorough, you should also include pictures, receipts, and any other evidence you have collected.

Estimation of the Cost of Damages

As you work through the initial stages of the insurance claims process, you will have a better understanding of the cost of damages.  Provide this information to the insurance carrier so that they can begin making a quote for your compensation.  Work with your insurance adjuster to understand the cost of your damages so that you have the full picture.

Contractor Information

When you are working through the insurance claims process, there are many people that you'll want to communicate with.  You should be able to provide the information of any contractors that are working to repair and restore your damages.  Your insurance company may want to speak with them directly, so having a list of all the contractors and their basic information is important to move the process along.

These are just a few important pieces of information that you'll need when it comes time for you to fill out your property claims in Polk County.  As you work through the claims process, you'll want to trust that you have the right team in place to advocate for you.  Contact our public claims adjusters to learn how we can help you with your claim today.

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