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The Strangest Homeowners Insurance Claims

Many homeowner’s insurance companies see the same types of routine claims over and over again. But every now and again, an unusual cause for damage comes in that requires more investigation. You may be surprised to hear some of the weird damages that homeowners insurance has covered in the past. Here are some of the weirdest and most unusual causes of homeowner’s insurance claims, reported by insurers across the world.

Falling Tree Damage

Claims Journal reported the story of a claimant who had a large tree fall in his backyard during a storm. The tree missed the home structure but landed directly on a sailboat that was stored there during the off season. The boat cracked in half and split apart due to the force of the tree falling, and was covered by the homeowners insurance policy.

Baby Poop Damage

Another claimant reported damage to a living room rug, found after returning from a vacation. When asked about the type of damage, the homeowner explained that it was baby poop which his son had placed on the floor before they left on vacation. The homeowner did not have time to clean the baby poop before leaving on vacation since he was already running late, and found it impossible to clean a week later. His insurer went on to pay for re-carpeting of the area.

Doggie Damage

While some dogs enjoy watching television, they don’t always understand that they are simply looking at a picture. In Slough, UK, a dog ruined his owner’s expensive television because he tried to jump into a pool he saw on TV. The result was expensive damage to the television and a very upset doggie.

Another unexpected cause of damage is the sound of a doorbell ringing, but this was the cause for a destroyed laptop claim. A dog jumped up and over his owner’s laptop to race to the door, causing the owner’s drink to spill on the laptop.

Cat Damage

Cats can also be the cause of major damage to the home. Curious by nature, cats like to investigate their surroundings and can wreak some havoc along the way. In particular, one homeowner filed a claim for a ruined laptop because their pet cat had spilled coffee all over the keyboard trying to nose around the computer.

In another case, a homeowner’s living room was the scene of a vicious fight between two cats. The result was extensive damage to the room and a destroyed television.



Insurers often think they have seen it all, but new and different claims keep coming in involving pets, kids, trees and all sorts of other unpredictable damages. If your home has recently suffered some type of unusual damage and you need help placing a homeowners insurance claim and getting it approved by the insurer, Five Star Claims Adjusting can help. Contact us today to get started.