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There’s Nothing Too Difficult For Us

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Trust Us With Your Insurance Claim

Public adjusters are licensed practitioners whose job is to represent you when you’re collecting your insurance claim. When the insurance company refuses to pay or won’t pay the amount you think is due to you, only public adjusters can legally represent you in order to make the claim.

Given that you’re badly in need of money and you don’t even have enough for your own personal expenses, this won’t be of any great deal since public adjusters won’t charge you anything until the case is resolved and you get paid.

Insurance companies have their own adjusters which they employ to evaluate how much property loss you incur and base their payments on this. They can also hire independent adjusters to do the job for them. The only type of adjuster that you can hire in order to help you determine the extent of your property loss and how much you are going to claim are the public adjusters. Then, based on their findings, they will represent you in making your claims against the insurance company.

These insurance companies are bound to pay you within one two months after you have filed the claim. If you think the insurance company is delaying your payment and if you disagree with the amount they are offering you, you can seek the help of a public adjuster. If the insurance company is found guilty of deliberately delaying the payment, they are subject to pay the appropriate fines. You will also receive additional income since they will have to pay interest on your claim for delaying it.

Claim releases may also take longer depending on how fast you file the claim, how big the amount involved is, and if you wish to file a case because you disagree with the amount offered.

It’s important therefore that you hire a public adjuster who has the capacity to help you go after the insurance company. You don’t need a lawyer to do this. We at Five Star Claims Adjusting can take all the necessary steps to file the claim and collect the money for you.

It would be unwise to deal with insurance companies directly. The paperwork alone could confuse you. There are many instances that claimants settled for a smaller amount only to find out that they should have received much more. There was this one client who decided to seek our help and they were happy with their decision. They received an additional amount. They still made a lot of money despite paying for our services.

Give yourself a break. Let us help you with your insurance claim. You don’t need to stress yourself and still receive a much smaller amount rather than letting us do the job for you. We will compile the necessary documents, study them, and present your case to the insurance company and then you can collect the money which you think you deserve.

If you are a resident of the City of Miami and you feel you’re not receiving a fair treatment from your insurance company: call us at our Five Star Claims Adjusting office, the #1 public adjuster in Miami.