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Top Damages Caused by Tornadoes

dszpics1As a tornado approaches your area, there are many reasons to be concerned, and the damage the hurricane may cause is chief among them. Knowing what type of tornado is approaching and how severe the damage is likely to be is one way to put your mind at ease. Read on to find out more about how tornadoes are classified and what types of damages tornadoes are most likely to cause.

How Do Tornadoes Cause Damage?

Damages caused by tornadoes can vary greatly, based on the size of the tornado itself and whether the home was directly within the tornado’s path. In addition to damaging the actual structures in the way, tornadoes can strip asphalt from pavement and can create trenches on the ground.

The way a tornado is classified gives some indication of the type of damage it is likely to cause. Tornadoes are assigned a value on the Enhanced Fujita scale from EF0 to EF5, based on their size and wind speeds. The EF scale rating is important, as each type of tornado can cause a different level of damage:

EF0-EF1: These types of tornadoes are only likely to cause small damages, such as downing tree branches, loosening roof shingles and moving light debris, like empty garbage bins and mailboxes. They typically do not have the power to destroy buildings or cause heavy structural damage.

EF2-EF3: The higher wind speeds in these types of tornadoes means they can cause serious damage, including damaging the structure of your roof, collapsing large trees and moving large pieces of debris, like cars.

EF4-EF5: These are the most dangerous tornadoes, with winds strong enough to destroy multiple homes and move even the largest pieces of debris  

Top Risks to Homes and Commercial Buildings

Most of the damage caused by hurricanes is done by the powerful winds, which can pick up large objects and hurl them across distances. Unsecured items outside of the home or commercial building, such as patio furniture, picnic tables, and even cars, can get picked up and sent flying into the structure.

Top Risks to Manufactured or Mobile Homes

Manufactured or mobile homes are a larger concern when a tornado approaches. These homes are typically built from lighter weight materials, which makes them more affordable than traditional homes, but also makes them less likely to stand up to the winds and debris a tornado brings. This is the primary reason that residents of manufactured homes are advised to evacuate ahead of those who live in more permanent structures.

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