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Top Hidden Home Dangers You Need To Know About



Most well informed homeowners know about the obvious dangers that exist in the average home and take steps to prevent them. But beyond the obvious precautions like installing carbon monoxide detectors and keeping a fire extinguisher in the home, there are steps you should take to prevent hidden home dangers, which can be just as hazardous for you and your family as a fire or a flood. Keep an eye out for the signs of these issues within your home and take our recommended steps to make sure any problem you find is addressed quickly.

The Problem: Water Damage

You don’t have to have a pipe burst or major leak to create water damage in your home. Slow, steady sources of water leaks in the home can be a source for water damage. If left to seep in, water damage can be very destructive to the structure of your home. Water can sink into the materials that make up your home and weaken them over time. When water gets deep into the carpets, walls or ceilings in your home, it often causes the home to smell musty and old. Of course, the most dangerous part of having untreated water damage in your home is that is can cause mold to start growing. Any source of water left unchecked over time will attract and encourage mold growth. Some unexpected causes of mold growth found in everyday homes include:

  • Leaky roof
  • Broken window seal
  • Leaking pipes

Recommended Steps For Water Damage

Signs of water damage can include warping floors, cracked tiles and even yellow or brown colored staining on walls or ceilings. If you see signs of water damage in your home, your first step is to contact Five Star Claims Adjusting to schedule a complementary inspection of your damage. From there, we can point you to a plumber who will locate and fix the source of the leak. Next, a restoration expert or specialized contractor can extract any remaining water and remove any staining.

The Problem: Mold

Part of the reason that mold is so dangerous is because it stays hidden so well. Mold typically grows in cold, dark areas of the home, the same areas that are often hard to see. Experts say that mold has a sour, pungent smell that helps detect its presence where it can’t be seen, but unless you are a mold expert, you may not recognize the scent.

Mold can cause symptoms similar to seasonal allergies or a common cold, like:

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy throat
  • Fever
  • Itchy or Watery Eyes

Recommended Steps For Mold

If you spot mold growing somewhere in your home, contact a mold remediation expert, who can inspect to find out exactly how far the mold has grown and professionally remove it.

The Problem: Smoke Odor

If a fire has ever occurred in your home, the lingering smell of smoke may be unpleasant and hard to cover. This is because more than the odor is trapped in the room and more than the air needs to be freshened to get the smell out. Smoke permeates fabrics and textiles, leaving a film on the surface of the carpeting, furniture, walls and ceiling. The effects of this, which is referred to as third hand smoke, are not fully understood yet. Scientists believe that third hand smoke can combine with everyday pollutants in the air to increase the risk of cancer and other diseases, similar to the way second hand smoke does.

Recommended Steps For Smoke Odor

Cleaning the surfaces in your home with a solution made of vinegar diluted with water can help remove some of the film and related odor from your home. To get rid of the aftereffects of smoke entirely, every fabric in the home should be professionally cleaned, along with the walls, ceiling and vent system.

If you suspect there is hidden damage or danger lurking in your home, an insurance claim may become necessary to correct it. Before filing your claim, contact a public adjuster to find out the best way to proceed.