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Top Ways Insurance Companies Get Out of Paying Your Claim


Insurance companies are notorious for finding a way to prevent paying claims. Believe it or not, most insurance policies are written to contain a number of exclusions, clauses, and contingencies that give the insurer more chances to get out of paying claims in full. In some cases, the way the policy is written can cause your claim to be rejected altogether. Here are some of the common reasons that insurance claims fail to go through, and the steps you can take to protect yourself.


Added Features To The Property

If you have recently made a major change to your property, this may trigger a change to your homeowner insurance policy. In some cases, homeowners do not tell the insurance company about the changes they have made to avoid the hassle of having the property inspected or assessed. Other people are concerned that the added features on the property will increase the cost of their premiums. However, adding a new feature to the property can be enough reason for the insurance company to decline your claim. Make sure that you notify the insurance company anytime you improve your property by adding features like:

  • A pool, pond or other water feature
  • A trampoline, treehouse, or play structure for children
  • A deck or balcony

Letting Problems Sit For Too Long

Your insurance policy is there to cover any losses that happen, but it does not cover a lack of routine care insurance-claim-rejection2and maintenance. For example, say that you discover a roof leak, but wait until the problem becomes dire to fix it. The slow trickle of water coming in from the roof is enough to encourage mold growth, and if the insurance company finds that the mold growth came about as a result of a leak you were aware of but didn’t fix, they can deny your claim. Be pro-active in addressing any problems within your home, and keep documentation showing your actions to preserve the property.

Loopholes in Your Policy

Many homeowners sign a policy based on the price and fail to examine the actual contents of the policy. Some common occurrences, especially weather related issues, can be excluded from coverage under your insurance policy. To avoid this, make sure that you examine your policy thoroughly and ask any specific questions you have before you sign on the dotted line.

Get Expert Help Before You File a Claim

Amateur mistakes, like failing to fill out paperwork properly or not supplying the right documents, can give the insurance company enough reason to deny your claim. To minimize the chance of this happening, get the help of an expert before you contact the insurance company. Five Star Claims Adjusting can help you with the process from start to finish, maximizing your chance of having your claim paid in full. Contact us today to get started.