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Types of Claims

Fire Insurance Claims

Fires can happen in an instant and the destructive results are immediate and long lasting. Smoke, soot, or water used to extinguish a blaze will make the structure uninhabitable. Having an experienced fire insurance claim adjuster representing your insurance claim could be beneficial when negotiating with your insurance carrier resulting in you getting the proper settlement to repair all the damage.

Water Damage Claims

Water damage is very common throughout Florida. Many causes of a covered water damage claim include: shower pan leaks, damaged hot water heater, overflowed toilets due to a collapsed or clogged drain line, appliance malfunctions, breaks in hoses to toilet and washing machines, roof leaks, and leaks from old copper and even newer poly pipes that supply cold/hot water to your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Insurance companies will evaluate what caused these items to leak and look to make sure it is not an ongoing issue. Hidden damage can be covered under your policy and sometimes the cause of the leak can be attributed to something unknown to you. It’s important to have an expert inspect your home and navigate through your policy to determine what is covered and what is not.

Mold Insurance Claims

Florida is a state known for its high levels of humidity and moisture, making properties extremely susceptible to mold. Mold is often hidden from site and hidden behind walls, appliance and cabinets. Mold becomes airborne and has the potential to cause serious illness and health consequences to those exposed. Besides the health concerns, mold can also destroy building products such as drywall’s, baseboards, finishes, furnishings and many of your belongings.
No one should ever take the smell or presence of mold lightly. If you discover mold in your property, or suspect there may be mold, contact us immediately for a complementary inspection.
Handling a mold insurance claim can be very complex and tricky as many insurance policies include a mold exclusion or cap the amount of coverage you have. It’s important for us to determine the cause and help you take the steps to make sure we can get this important items covered under your policy. You can count on our professional adjusters to handle every aspect of your claim from beginning to end.

Flood Insurance Claim

Floods are the # 1 natural disaster in the US with damage claims in excess of $1 billion dollars per year. Floods can be a by-product of excessive rain brought on by a hurricane or tropical depression, sewer or drain backup, or a broken water main. Homeowners who have suffered damage due to a flood need quick answers on insurance coverage to begin the restoration process.

Roof Leaks & Roof Damage Claims

Roof damage can take many different forms. Typical types of damage include roof leaks, lightning strikes, or storm damage. The damage is conditional on several factors such as the source of damage, the type of building material used in construction, and the architectural design of the roof. Since any roof damage is not going to fix itself, allow one of our knowledgeable Public Insurance Adjusters to perform a 11- Point Inspection so you know what you are dealing with.

AC Leaks & Appliance Leaks Claims

Leaks originating from Air Handlers are a very common cause for water damage in Florida due to the extreme humidity and constant heat we all endure. Leaks or overflows from an A/C can cause secondary damage to floors, baseboards and walls. In addition, because drain lines from the A/C usually run in the ceiling or behind walls these small leaks can cause Mold that is hidden. Unfortunately, many homeowners’ mistakenly feel the damage is “too small” to file a claim or are simply unaware of how extensive the damage truly is. Our professional adjusters are willing to perform a inspection and policy review to properly educate and guide you through the process.

Sewage Backup & Plumbing Issues Claims

Occasionally, a blockage or a break in the sewer drain line can cause a backup or overflow of water and sewage into your home. This overflow can take place anywhere you have a drain line. These backups and overflows can cause extensive water damage to flooring, vanities, cabinet’s walls and baseboards. The proper clean up, disposal and reconstruction from this type claim can be very costly and must be handled properly to avoid health hazards. Since policies, exclusions, and endorsements are ever-changing it’s crucial to have an expert help you navigate through your claim and help maximize your policy benefits. We will help coordinate the plumbing expert, testing, disposal, and reconstruction of your home to make sure your home is put back to its original condition.

Flooring Insurance Claim

Damage to flooring can happen in a moment’s notice. Most damage results from water, mold, or fallen objects. Water damage can be the result of either a leaking water line to your fridge, a slab leak, a leak from your sink, or leaks from your roof. Whether you have wood, ceramic/marble tile, laminate, terrazzo or carpet it can be costly to replace and difficult to match existing flooring. A small sign of damage could uncover a much bigger problem and a much larger out of pocket expense if not handles properly.

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