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Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Checklist

Hurricane Irma 9/6/17

We know that you are anxiously watching the latest reports on Hurricane Irma, especially when and where it may make landfall in Florida, and we’re paying close attention, too.

We have Public adjusters stationed all along the potential Florida path of Irma, ready to begin the disaster relief efforts by guiding you and helping to complete the complex insurance claims process.

With so much potential damage, getting started on your claim immediately following the hurricane will be key to a fast recovery of insurance policy funds.

You will only need your insurance company policy number and or any of the following can be helpful

Insurance Claim Checklist

  • Insurance company name
  • Insurance policy number or account number
  • Insurance company phone number
  • Insurance company claim phone number

Remember to contact us first to start your claim, not contacting a public adjuster like our team here at Five Star Claims Adjusting first could cost you thousands of dollars in un-recoverable funds.

What to do after the hurricane passes

  1. In case of any emergency contact 911 or other emergency providers
  2. Contact all family members and let them know your status
  3. Take photos of any damage prior to any debris cleanup
  4. Contact Five Star Claims Adjusting for quick and prompt start of insurance claim for hurricane damages.

As you wait out the storm safely inside your home or business rest assured we have teams of Five Star Claims Adjusting public adjusters deployed all along the projected storm path, and they will remain in affected areas until they have resolved every hurricane-related claim, and will continue to be in your local area as we are not just a company we are your friends and neighbors weathering the storm with you and working to rebuild our local communities.