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Florida Lightning Claim Adjuster

lightning insurance claim adjusterEach year, thousands of homes and other properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning and Florida is no exception. Florida is known for its tropical thunderstorms and has been dubbed the “Lightning Capital of The US” with over a million lightning strikes occurring every single year. In fact, Florida has more thunderstorms than any other state and also has the highest amounts of deaths attributed to lightning. Lightning can strike anywhere in Florida but it is most prominent in Central Florida and (hence the very appropriately named Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team). Lightning is responsible for more deaths and property loss than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods combined.


Lightning can cause serious damage to homes and buildings with the potential of starting major fires. Fortunately, the majority of Florida lightning damage is not severely destructive but lightning cause cause lots of issues that are very costly to repair. Lightning strikes can damage electronics, computers, phones, home appliances and business equipment such as computer servers and copy machines. Many insured homeowners in Florida don’t realize that lightning damage is often covered under their insurance policy but we are here to help you get the best settlement possible.



Our Florida public adjusters are experienced in handling lighting damage claims big or small. If you feel your property has sustained lightning damage in Florida, contact us immediately. We will investigate the damage and give you our professional opinion at no charge.