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We Are Ready To Protect Your Claim Anytime




Five Star Claims Adjusting is your honest and dependable public adjuster

Where will you go if your property sustain any damage? Your insurance company of course. What happens if you can’t reach an agreement with your insurance company concerning how much you think is due you and how much they are willing to give? A lot of situation like this has been happening and the insurance companies always manage to have the upper hand.

This is a very touchy situation since insurance companies don’t usually change their assessments and they stick with their decision. What can a simple citizen like you can do to fight a giant corporation? It seems you’re just have to play along. You need the money. Hiring a lawyer is so foreign to you. They are way too expensive and busy to give you enough time and concentrate on your case. The amount involved doesn’t always interest good lawyers. They won’t even touch your claims.

Many property owners like you weren’t happy with how the insurance companies deal with their claims. Just like you, they didn’t have anywhere to go. They were at a loss and completely devoid of any protection they can afford. This led to the creation of public adjusters. They’re different from the adjusters hired by insurance companies in that they work sole for their employer. While insurance adjusters work for the company, public adjusters should work for your benefit solely. You have to be sure about this. There’s a law that prohibits public adjusters from having connections with insurance companies.

This is going to create a self-interest in the part of any public adjusters who are dealing with you and the insurance companies. It gives them an opportunity to make money with both you and insurance companies at the same. In the end you’re going to be the loser.

It’s the reason why you have to seek an honest, dependable and highly knowledgeable public adjusters to protect your interest.  Five Star Claims Adjusting is what you need.  We are an independent company with no ties with any insurance companies or any companies that has ties with insurance companies no matter how remote it is. We’ve been serving the residents of Fort Lauderdale with no less than superb results.

One word of caution: careful.  Don’t agree with whatever amount the insurance adjuster’s offer you and don’t sign any documents unless you have talked to us first. Believe we can handle anything they have hidden up in their sleeves. We have magic tricks on our own and we call them hard work, training, experience and honesty. Our public adjuster Fort Lauderdale can very well handle anything what insurance adjusters will do.

We have the same resources what insurance companies have. We are ready to come to your aid without regards how big or small your claim is. The important thing is that you have honest and reliable representation to defend you without taking advantage of you. To date we have made all our clients very happy winning more than $250m for them.