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If you feel like you’ve waited too long for the check dangling in your insurer’s possession, it’s time to employ your own public adjuster.  It’s the only way to deal with insurance companies which are dilly-dallying on releasing your much needed money. Whatever their reason may be, they have no right to keep you waiting while you and your family are suffering brought about by the partial destruction of your home due to a recent accident.

While you’re at it, you can ask your newly hired public adjuster to go over the computation of the insurance appointed public adjuster and examine if what they’re giving you is the proper amount due you. I’m not saying the insurance adjuster is trying to cheat on you of what is rightfully your money, but there are many ways of computing the claim. There might be some discrepancies between their computation and yours.  It’s your right to have the records examined and your public adjuster can do a lot to get more money from the insurance company if the computation isn’t correct.

I’ve been repeating this every time someone asks: hire your own public adjuster right away; don’t just rely on anybody doing it for you, especially the insurance public adjuster. Again, I’m not imputing any wrong on their part, but it’s different when the public adjuster has your confidence and is working for you.

Every step which requires insurance claim processing should be handled by your appointed adjuster. This will include evaluating the damaged suffered by your house or commercial building and making a list of all the property loses. The public adjuster will then present your claim to the insurance company.

Here you can see how important it is to have your own public adjuster.  You can expect them to have the tenacity of Sherlock Holmes in going over every pieces of your property missing nothing. Everything will be accounted for. Do you think an insurance appointed adjuster will work as hard as your own adjuster?

You don’t have to worry about the expenses since if you hire us, you don’t have to pay anything until we take care of your problem. We will work for you and we won’t be asking you for any money until your case has been won; our payment will come in the form of a percentage of your claim. If we lose the case, we don’t get anything.

Remember: nothing is too small or too big for us to handle. Call us and we will serve you need of our assistance. We have expertise in plumbing issues, roof leaks, flooring damage, mold attacks, and sink holes to mention some.

For a no obligation inspection, call us. The earlier we can do the evaluation the faster we can resolve your problems. Keep us in mind if your want nothing but the best public adjuster Fort Lauderdale. If your insurance company is giving you a hard time, leave them to us.