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We Have An Existing Protection Plan To Keep Your Money Safe!

Public Adjuster South Florida

Public Adjuster South Florida Company has a better protection plan for customers due to their existing check and balance procedure

There are certain things that you should do first before you hire a public adjuster. You must remember these things so that you won’t fall victim to frauds or scams. Several claimants have employed public adjusters without making sure of their personal and professional integrity and have fallen victim to these unscrupulous persons who acted as their public adjuster. Instead of getting their money, they were defrauded instead; from calamity or accident victims of fraud victims.

The job of a public adjuster South Florida is a job of trust; this is the reason why we at Five Star Claims employ only highly credible people using our own evaluation system.

We have never been accused of any wrongdoing, but to this end we have been heaped with countless accolades from our former and present customers. The recent arrest of two scammers here in Florida, which is a result of the ongoing investigation dubbed as “Operations Flames and Flood” should open our eyes when it comes to hiring a public adjuster.

One should be careful when employing a public adjuster. It’s important to ask the public adjuster you want to hire if he/she has a valid license to do the job. If they have none or it has lapsed its time of validity, you should refrain from dealing with them. Second, even if they have the license to do it, but it’s not issued from the place where you are, you should not deal with them as well. They can suddenly disappear on you if you’re not careful.

Third, you should also ask them if they are familiar with the latest development in their jobs as public adjusters. There are new rules and regulations concerning how to go about doing their jobs. The new statutes involve a better and more professional approach in doing the job. It’s important that they are aware of this since you are supposed to enjoy more effective representations against insurance companies who refuse to give you the right amount that you think should be awarded to you.

Five Star Claims is not trying to discriminate against Public Adjuster South Florida who does their job individually, but we believe you will be better protected if you deal with us as a company since we have checks and balances in place which will help us determine if something is going wrong with a transaction.

Our Public Adjuster South Florida personnel report to us their ongoing transactions and our supervisors is always on top of everything.

This is not because we don’t trust our Public Adjuster South Florida employees, but this is a matter of procedural process. Every company who is doing something for the public which requires trust and confidence, especially when it involves money, is doing the same. This is a two way protection. It ensures that you get your money and at the same time it protects our employees from being tempted to just what the two accused persons have done. Again, we have never been accused of infidelity of funds.