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We Have Our Own Experts To Back You Up

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Five Star Claims Adjusting won’t settle for anything less than you deserve

After a disaster strikes, whom are you going to call? Your insurance company of course, to check how much you’re going to receive.  However, that’s not as simple as that. They have to check your coverage, send over their public adjuster, evaluate the situation of your property, only then are you going to know how much money you are entitled to receive.

Did you not sign up for a specific amount and paid the premium without missing for several years? You’ve even paid up your monthly amortizations, why do you have to pass scrutiny as if you’re the only victim of the flood, snowstorm. fire or hurricane? Sure, if it’s about mold or due to broken pipes, maybe that’s understandable, but not even those. You applied for a specific amount and you should get what you paid for.

That is where we come in. We are your independent public adjusters. We don’t work for the insurance company or any institutions except ours. Now, if you’re going to hire us, we are going to work for you only. Our jobs are sanctioned by the same U.S. government as the lawyers, doctors, and other licensed professionals. Yes, we are licensed because we studied for this job and took a certification exam, pass it and we’re here for you.

We are trained how to evaluate property damages. Construction experts know that we our knowledge about construction materials, construction methods, construction practices is not far behind them. Our expertise in this field is beyond doubt. We have dealt with many insurance companies, their lawyers and with their own hired public adjusters and there’s nothing that they know that we don’t know.

Remember, however, that not all public adjusters are the same. There are those who work individually and there are those like us, who hires public adjusters to work with us. What’s the difference? We have the complete resources to back you up when push comes to shove.  Insurance companies have their own resource and experts to intimidate you, although that’s not the proper word to use. No problem. We have also our own resources and experts to counter them. Sometimes we have to bring your claim to court and there we can meet them face to face in equal grounds.

We’d like to settle your claim as fast as we can without sacrificing your rights. Our Five Star Claims Adjusting experts want nothing but for you to start your reconstruction efforts immediately. What we don’t want to happen is for you to get cheated out of the exact amount. How are going to finish your house or building then? You can’t apply for additional mortgage.

If you trust us, we will make the case as fast as possible and ask the court to decide in our favor. You have the documents and we have the expertise, we only need those two to prove our point. For the most reliable, honest and efficient public adjuster services in Orlando, come to us at Five Star Claims Adjusting  and we’ll make sure you get what they owe to you 100%.