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We Have What It Takes To Get the Amount that You Deserve

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Five Star Claims Adjusting will protect your interest down to the last cent

Heavy rains are here again. Your homes and commercial buildings will again experience the brunt of what Mother Nature may bring. Of course your house or building is insured and you have faith in your insurance money. You choose the best coverage and you don’t mind paying the high premium just to be sure you can get back to your feet immediately if something happen to your house. You’re not only ready for destructive floods and gale winds. Your insurance coverage includes against fire, vandalism and other types of damages. You have your house, covered from the floor up to the roof.  Although you are not expecting anything bad thing to happen to your home, you are making it your business to be ready for it just in case.

Is there anything that will deprive you of your insurance money? That’s a good question and the answer is yes. Who will do such a thing? Do you really want to know? You’ll be surprised to know that the people you relied heavily to help you may just be the same people who will try to derail your plans. Yes, it’s true. Insurance companies are your best friends while you’re paying your premiums. You better be prepared when it’s your turn to do the asking. No, it’s not cheating on their part. It’s just a plain business transaction. While you want to protect your investment they will also have  to protect theirs. They have to be careful since there are also dubious claims that regularly hit them.

My first advice is don’t deal with their public adjuster. Get your own. Don’t believe in the promises of insurance companies about fair deal and quick release of your claim and the right amount to boot. There’s no such thing. Every amount should be examined and fought tooth and nail. You need to have your own expert.

In this case not a lawyer, but your own public adjuster. He or she should be honest, efficient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Do you think it’s impossible to find such type of a public adjuster? Try us. We represent Five Star Claims Adjusting. We will act as your equalizer.  We can handle what the insurance company will do. The contention will center of what they think they owe you and ours is what is being stipulated in your insurance contract. They will try to deduct amounts based on  their findings. We will also present to the court our assessments and valuations.

They can bring you to court because they have nothing to lose financially. They have their own lawyers paid on a monthly basis. They can be put to good use. In your case you don’t have to spend a bit out of your pocket. You pay us only if we win the case for you. In that area you are pretty even with them.

Don’t believe the insurance company when they say that we are just making money out of your misery. What we do is stop others in exploiting you because you are at a very vulnerable state of mind due to what you have just gone through. If you’re a resident of South Florida, our expert and highly experienced public adjuster in South Florida will see to it that you receive what the insurance company rightfully owed you. Call us if you have any problem with your insurance claims. We will take the trouble out of your hands.