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We Know How Insurance Companies Work

Kitchen Fire Damage



Five Star Claims Adjusting, our record speaks for our performance


There are several ways that your house is going to get damaged. Some of which are more serious than the others. The floods that hurricanes bring or the effects as a result of fire can be very devastating. Sinkholes are also as calamitous. Your house may experience partial or total destruction. You will need a lot of money in order to build a new house or make the repairs as a result.


On the other hand mold formation, microwave explosion damage or any appliance related damage and water immersion brought about by defective water pipes are just some of the minor conditions whose effects need to be repaired as well.


Where will you get the money to spend when conditions such as these strike your homes? You know where to get the money of course. You insured your house just for this purpose and you made the right decision.


Now to claim the money.


Insurance companies have their own public adjusters who will evaluate the damage and will calculate how much money is going to be released for construction and repairs. This is their version. You don’t have to accept it if you think that you are getting a bum deal. In fact, you should not agree to any amount that they offer and refrain from signing any documents.


You should contact us right away at our Five Star Claims Adjusting offices for consultation. Our job is to help you deal with insurance companies and get the amount that you need for complete construction and repair of your house. After the money have been spent, where will get the rest to complete the building of your house. You choose the coverage you think will compensate for the rehabilitation of our house when calamity happens and you have the right to get that amount. Not the dole outs that the insurance company is trying to offer you.


It’s important that after the destruction has occurred you should call us immediately. Do not wait for another day. This is very important. We will have to base your claim, according to the events that occur right after it happens. Don’t let the insurance company’s public adjuster go there first. Our ability to counter all their allegations will have to be based on actual results right after.


It’s our finding against the finding of their public adjuster.


You can rely on the expertise of our public adjusters when it comes to coming up with detailed and factual results. They are highly trained in building construction. Their several years in actual field work will be of big advantage to you. You can benefit from their meticulous attention to detail. Our constant dealings with insurance companies have given us insight on how they work and we know how to counter them already.


So if you’re looking for the best and most reliable , we have them right here at Five Star Claims Adjusting. Our record will speak for us and it’s a very impressive one.