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We Stand By Our Commitments




Five Star Claims Adjusting  will fight for your right using our full resources

Can you imagine your house has been razed to the ground and you have no insurance? A hurricane has damaged your home and it’s not insured at all? It might be possible, but you know you’re taking a big risk if you don’t. Insuring your home or commercial buildings is the only way to protect your property.

Insurance companies are allowed by law to receive amortizations from you in order to protect your properties and in return they will pay you when your property is partially damaged or totally destroyed as a result of calamities. Without insurance, you’d find it difficult to apply for another financing to build a house. Insurance companies are therefore a big help in keeping you afloat when disaster strikes.

The bigger the insurance coverage you have in your house or commercial building, the bigger will be insurance premiums you will have to pay and vice versa. You may find it expensive paying the premiums but in your mind you know it’s necessary for your protection. Nevertheless, not everything happens according to your expectations. Your expectations may not be the same with what the insurance company has in mind.

There are several ways of determining what really happened to your house. While you’re hoping for the best, insurance companies are always looking at the worst scenario. They want to make sure that their interest is well protected which is a standard practice by all businesses. In your case, you have also the right to protect your own interest.   Many claims were settled in favor of insurance companies. This is because many claimants don’t have the means to fight big business. Hiring lawyers will only deplete their insurance money some more.

This is not true. Insurance companies are also subject to laws. If you know where to look you can fight “city hall” I mean insurance companies and you can win effectively and definitely against them without spending money out of your pockets.

Five Star Claims Adjusting is a public adjuster company and we have the same clout as insurance companies. Our public adjusters are well trained and they can hold their own. We have helped a lot of our clients in claiming their money in full amount and they only paid us after they received their money. Do you know that you are still much ahead if you hire us than settle with insurance companies?

We are talking here of several thousands of dollars of insurance money. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll get if you hire and bring insurance companies to court. Our public adjuster Orlando is highly trained and they have several years of experience behind them. You won’t find a finest group of public adjusters than what we have in our employ. We can fight toe to toe with insurance companies without so much expense to you.

Give yourself a chance to claim your insurance money in full. Just give us your authorization and we will do all the hard work for you. You can check our record with Better Business Bureau and see how high our customer satisfaction rating is. It means that we are not only highly successful in getting insurance money, but we also stand by our commitments.