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We’ll Work For You As Your Faithful Employee!



Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale, we are your employee and you are our employer

We are experts in dealing with your property loss. We will represent you in your insurance claims and will see to it that you will be compensated for the loss of property brought about by accidents or calamities which is covered by your policy. From the time you hire us to work for you, we are your employee and you are our employer. Our employer-employee relationship means that we work for you until the transaction is over. We will serve you using 100% of our resources to ensure that our partnership will end up in a positive note. That we can assure you!

Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale by Five Star Claims will assist you in every step of the way during your claims filing.

We’ll assure that you fill in the right documents with the correct data in order to prevent any delay in receiving your claims. We will also see to it that the insurance company won’t have any reason to delay in approving your application or to downgrade the amount you’re asking. When we submit your documents they’re final and ready for processing.

We will be watching closely the proceedings and we will be checking the speed of the processing. Our Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale experts will work closely with you. You don’t have to call us since we will be providing you with updates concerning any developments of your insurance claim.

What we do to attain speedy results is that our building experts will go and inspect the venue right away. We are always the first one to go there. We will make a thorough inspection and complete evaluation. Since we are highly schooled and well trained in building materials and construction, nothing will escape our close scrutiny. We will then file a complete report and state how much insurance money is fair for you and we will ask for its release right away.

They will file their own assessment and we know that they’re just grasping at straws. They know very well that our Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale experts know their job and we always win in our arbitration case against insurance companies that we go against.  We have the truth and fairness on our side qualified by our evidences and proofs. We include in our study the cost of materials for replacement and will also present whatever labor costs are going to be spent.

Fire and flood are two of the most common causes for insurance claims. A loss against vandalism is also another cause for insurance. Hurricanes, collapsing buildings, and destruction due to explosion and hooliganism during riots are also possible insurance coverage.

Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale of Five Star Claims will always be on your side and we will never cavort with any insurance companies to your disadvantage.

We are better known for our integrity and honesty and we have never been accused of selling out.   We are easy to deal with, friendly and available for consultation any time of the day.