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You Can Count On Us To Protect Your Interest 100%!


The Most Honest & Efficient Public Adjusters In Miami

If you need an honest to goodness public adjuster to help you with your insurance claims you can count on us at Five Star Claims Adjusting to do it for you. We will deal with you in total fairness and you can be sure that we will only work for your interest and nobody else. There so many complaints about how some public adjusters are giving their clients the run around and when they finally discuss the result of how the claims, the property owners are forced to accept the settlement to their detriment.

That’s not how we work at Five Star Claims Adjusting. You will receive the checks personally and no transactions will be done without your knowledge about it. You are entitled to all your insurance money and that’s it. You have to be careful in dealing with some public adjusters because they cheat you out of your claims. There are many cases of public adjusters who are involved in nefarious activities that cost the property owners their insurance money that they never see and receive.

There are a lot that could happen during the claims. If repairs were already done in your home and the insurance company has paid the bill without your knowledge, you should ask for an item by item summary of the expenses. This is what we do. If the public adjuster can’t do it, then you can file a fraud case against them. This is one of those incidents that are giving a bad name to public adjusters. We are careful with regards to our reputation and we see to it that all our customers are satisfied with the way we transact business with them.

We operate a highly respected company and all our public adjuster Miami are fully licensed. They are trained in all aspects of building construction. They are considered experts in the field and will give you 100% of their effort. They will be the first on the scene and also the last one to leave. It’s their job to ensure that proper claim is filed and the amount is what is due to you. They will defend their assessment of your property and they always manage to give you the exact amount.

Some insurance company will make you believe that paying your public adjuster is unnecessary. They will tell you that they will pay you just the same because that is mandated by law.  The office of public adjuster is also mandated by law. If there’s no need for it, how come it’s there? We are created to give you protection from unscrupulous insurance company. Believe me that what you pay us is nothing compared to how much some insurance company would cheat you out of your claim money.

I’m not saying that all insurance companies will take advantage of you. Just to be on the safe side, you should consult a public adjuster and we, at Five Star Claims Adjusting, is just right here if you need our help.