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You Have the Right to Hire Your Own Public Adjuster



Start With The Right Footing

The extent of your house’s damage will depend largely on who’s doing the inspection. Your insurance claim will be based on the public adjuster’s report. There are many things that could happen to your house; things that are mostly beyond your control. Nature has several calamities which may strike anytime. Your best defense is to get insurance for your home, commercial building, and other properties.

When the catastrophe strikes, your property’s destruction will be assessed. The insurance company is going to base your claim on the damage report submitted by their public adjuster. The money you receive may or may not be what you expect. You can contest the amount by hiring your own public adjuster. There’s a reason why there are public adjusters. We are here to assist you if you’re not happy with the way your insurance company is treating you. We are always ready to be of service anytime you want our assistance. Just press those tiny smart phone buttons and call us now at Five Star Claims Adjusting. An e-mail will also do. Our public adjuster in Boca Raton will come over to your place and discuss your problem concerning your insurance claim with you right away. Time is of the essence. The sooner we start, the earlier you’re going to get your claim. That means that you can begin fixing your damaged place right away, along with fixing your life.

What just happened to you is very stressful. Your immediate aim is to rebuild fast. However, your number one problem is your insurance money isn’t enough to finance your rebuilding project. You feel you were given a bum deal. It may or may not be intentional, but you have the right to contest it.

Don’t worry if you have no money to pay us because we don’t expect to get paid until you receive your claim. What you pay is just a percentage of the amount awarded to you. You’re going to find out that you made the right decision after we win you the case. After paying our very reasonable price, you will have the money to complete what you started.

We will always give you the right to receive the checks. Our advice is not to entrust it to public adjusters. This is the proper way to do it. We won’t take it against you if you decide to get the checks personally. That should be the case, always. This is not about trust but doing the right thing.

There are many instances where the public adjusters assigned to handle the claims didn’t turn over the money. It happened several times already. However, these are just isolated cases and does not reflect the industry in its totality. Public adjusters are one of the few jobs where the trust rating is high, more so with us at Five Star Claims Adjusting.

Call us right away after the disaster strikes. Tell the insurance company you have your own public adjuster for your Boca Raton home. We will see to it that you will start with the right footing with regards to your claim.