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You Will Enjoy Full Compensation And Fast

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A public adjuster’s job is to represent you in claiming just compensation from your insurance policy. It’s not impossible for one public adjuster to handle several insurance policies. Their job is sanctioned by the government and they need licenses in order to operate. Their job is crucial in negotiating from an insurance company the amount that you need to restore your property to its original state. The ability and credibility of your public adjuster are very important. Your ability to get back on your feet unscathed will depend on how the public adjuster will perform.

If you’re looking for an honest and reliable public adjuster who can effectively negotiate with insurance companies to get the amount you need to start anew, you are the type of clients that we at Five Star Claims Adjusting are looking for. We both know what we want. You want something which you feel you are entitled to and we know that you are entitled to it.  It’s a formidable partnership that always wins the day.

We have our own public adjuster team here in Orlando. They are all well versed in construction ways and means and they have had several encounters with the public adjusters hired by insurance companies. Our Orlando public adjusters are backed up by our entire institution, and we extend this to all our public adjuster no matter where they are working. We have everything the company insurance lawyers have. The difference is that we want to protect your interest as an honest citizen of the country while they have only their company to defend.

It gives us inspiration to do our job well, knowing that your future relies heavily on our shoulders. Insurance companies can easily pay you the amount due to you, but it’s not in their nature to do that without an argument.  So we give them something that they want, but not the amount they try to withhold from you. Business is business, and what they want is to protect their business. There’s nothing wrong with the way they do it. It’s not a dishonest thing on their part.

It’s just so happens that it’s also our business at Five Star Claims Adjusting to defend you. You can’t possibly do it on your own. We are your first and last line of defense. We have everything that will ensure you get fair treatment. You don’t pay us up front, and you don’t pay us from your pocket, and you won’t pay us anything if we lose the case. It hasn’t happened yet though, losing a case I mean.

We talk to you and we communicate with you, you can call us anytime you want if you need to talk to us. Our top notch lawyers will always be on top of things and we have you perfectly covered. All you need to do is to call us today and we will include you on our priority list. If you need our assistance later, we hope there’s going to be no need for it, we will be there right away and give you all the support that will give you a fresh start.