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Your Insurance Claim Should Be Enough to Finish Your Construction




Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance Claim With Five Star

You don’t have to accept what your insurance company is trying to offer you. You have a better chance of getting your insurance claim in full if you have a public adjuster working for you. I’m talking about your own public adjuster, not those appointed or hired by insurance companies. To ensure that your public adjuster works only for you, Five Star Claims Adjusting has no dealings with any insurance companies in any capacity.

We will do everything for you. This includes going to your place and making a damage evaluation on how much property loss you sustained. We will make a detailed list of what needs to be done and we will submit it to the insurance company for verification and approval. What makes this arrangement very convenient for you is aside from giving you expert assistance, there’s no money is involved until the claim is paid.

A lot of homeowners have been made to believe that the independent adjuster appointed by insurance companies are working for them. No, they are not. Only a public adjuster like us works for you. The others mostly work for the insurance company. Where will this put you? In a very disadvantageous position. You are considered the outsider. They discuss among themselves and they decide among themselves. Insurance companies protect their own interest first and yours come a distant second.

Is this wrong? Not for big businesses. They won’t survive if they don’t take care of their assets. Are insurance companies going to be hurt by paying the correct claims? They won’t, of course. The premiums you pay don’t sit in their vaults nor are they just deposited in the banks to earn interests. They invest your money and they earn big dividends. What they pay is just a minute part of the huge earnings that your money is making for them.

You insured your property and pay the premiums month after month hoping you will have enough to rebuild when something bad happens to your property. Fires, hurricanes, floods, molds and so on can do a lot of damage and often the destruction is extensive. There’s nothing left to go home to. This is where your insurance claim is going to play a big part in reclaiming your normal life again. What if the insurance money isn’t enough? I’m sure you knew what you were doing when you insured your property. The problem is, the insurance company may have different ideas.

Our job is to remind insurance companies that you have the right to question their offers. Believe me, no matter what adjustments they might be willing to do, those are nothing compared to what we can do for you. It’s true that you will have to pay us a percentage of your claim, but you will still have more money in the bank compared to what they will offer you.