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Your Investment Will Be Put To Good Use

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We Can Help In The Worst Times

Five Star Claims Adjusting can help you most with less expense. We extend free inspection assessment on just ravaged homes brought about by floods, fires, molds and more. We are composed of professional negotiators licensed by the government to act on your behalf. Our aim is to help to get the most out of your insurance.

We empathize with you. You should be treated kindly and with honesty. After all you’ve just experienced the shock of your life.  Your home was damaged by a hurricane and you and your family has nowhere to go except to the shelter center.

You want to get back to your normal life again as fast as possible. Your kids are attending school and you have a job. You can’t expect to stay in a shelter longer than necessary. You need to get that money and it should be the amount that paid for very religiously for several years.

You’re ready to start a new and the insurance company is standing on the way. They won’t pay you the exact amount reflected on your policy. You don’t have any other source of money in order to repair your home completely except for the insurance money. In this case you have only one thing to do. Let us help you get that amount sand start building your new house immediately.

Our  public adjuster South Florida team will go to work right away. The procedure is simple. We won’t make it complicated for you. Our job is to assist you or represent you in dealing with the insurance company. Our  job is to help insurance policy shoulders like who want .to get their claims Never negotiate with insurance companies alone.  Call us first. You will get more despite paying us.

We ask for very minimal fee and you don’t pay us if we don’t get the money that you want. You are always better off if you have a public adjuster working for you. We are your advocates. Every cent you invest on us is worth it. You’re investing on us to get a better pay day. Your investment means you get a bigger return. We have won more than a quarter of a billion dollars for our clients.

Join our growing lists of our customers.   We have shown you how successful we are in dealing with insurance companies by the enormous amount that we won for our clients. We are highly skilled and experienced professionals.  This combination has served us magnificently through the years. We have climbed the ladder of success by being hard working and honest. We never shy from any claims no matter how small pr big they are.

Five Star claims Adjusting is your best option and the only alternative available if you want faster results. Contact us right away if you want a public adjuster that works only for you. We have never lost a case. Our experience and expertise will work to tour benefit.  Let’s give a helping hand, real friend’s helping hand.