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Your Loss is Our Loss, That’s Why We Won’t Allow It


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We Can Get You The Most For Your Insurance Claim

Hire your own public adjuster and get the job done faster with better results. Having your own public adjuster is like going somewhere with your own car rather than by commuting. You travel faster, stress free, and in comfort. It’s your car so you can travel any way you want. Don’t let the insurance adjuster process your claim. If you have a choice between riding your car and taking the subway route, you’ll take your car any day.

Five Star Claims Adjusting has helped thousands of customers enjoy their insurance claims faster. Not only that, we were able to win them bigger amounts than what the insurance companies tried to offer. What did we do?

Our Orlando public adjuster team is highly trained and considered experts in the construction business. There’s no matching them as they go through your losses to make a detailed list without missing anything. We will go through your insurance policy and examine it thoroughly, including the fine prints.

We understand what we’re doing. We have a responsibility to fulfill. We’ll do our best to carry out our responsibility. Our obligation is to you alone. We are highly qualified to discharge the mandate which the government has placed on our shoulders. Please don’t deal with your insurance company without our presence. You will lose more than what you have to pay us.

All you have to do is call and we’ll be there. There’s no money involved until the entire proceeding is finished, and only if we win. It’s as simple as that. One call is all we need to start the ball rolling for you. We won’t be making disturbing calls to you, you don’t have to appear during the claims proceedings. What we do is inform you about the progress pf the case. We’ll do all the work for you.

You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain. If we lose our claim you’ll receive the amount the insurance company offered you. If we win, which we’ll definitely do, you can compare how much you’ll receiver after deducting our commission. You will be surprised by how big a difference there’s going to be.

We always make sure that you’ll get enough to finish your house rehabilitation project. We are highly aware that when the money runs out and the repair isn’t done, you’ll find it difficult to find additional funds. Taking additional mortgages for your unfinished home would be very difficult. Why do you have to resort to that kind of action?

You insured your home for these type of exigencies, you should enjoy the amount you’ve worked hard to pay. Our reputation precedes us. We are hardworking, honest, and have a very high winning percentage. We have the resources to match whatever the insurance companies might have.  Very few public adjusters can make that claim.

We’d like you to take advantage of the same benefits and enjoy your rightful claim.