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Your Public Adjuster Is Your Champion!

Water, Fire and Mold Damage

Our Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach have your interest as their first priority

Whose side are you on? Yours of course. But who will take your side in dispute over insurance claims? It’s not the insurance companies definitely. What we can tell you is this. You can’t use a fire to put out a fire. You’ll need water or a fire extinguisher to do it. So if you have claims against your insurance company policy, you need us, we are Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach and our company is Five Star Claims Adjusters. You’re a lamb in an insurance company eyes. Don’t get sweet talked by their representatives into signing any claim settlement without a public adjuster reviewing your claim and your policy first.

Our main goal is for our Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach to represent you in any claims dispute against any insurance companies.

Insurance companies and our Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach are like water and oil. They don’t mix together. They have their own interest to protect their profits and we have ours, and that is yours. The difference is too wide to bridge and that’s the truth. You can trust us to handle your claims because we are not in any way connected with any insurance companies.

Of course, insurance companies are necessary; in fact, they have a very useful role to play. Without them who will take care of the financial side of your property claims? The relationships between you and them are very cordial. That is when you are paying the premiums. Unless there are any claims being made by you against them, that relationship will never change.

But everything plays a different tune once disaster strikes. It’s their turn to pay you. The friendly smiles and the sweet touch are down to bare brass-tacks. No more window dressings and the frills have suddenly turned ugly. But don’t worry; our team of Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach will come to your aid.

We are not making money out of your misery. Some people would suggest that. What we recoup is nothing compared to how much you’d lose if you do it on your own, also, we will make it possible that you’ll get paid faster. It’s them against us and we will protect your interest to the hilt. Sometimes the battle is going to be ugly, but don’t let it bother you. We have our own construction experts, lawyers and accountants. We’re not underdogs at all.  We can meet them on their own terms.

Not all public adjusters are like Five Star Claims Adjusters. Our Public Adjusters in West Palm Beach are part of one of the biggest and toughest in the business.

We are tough against insurance companies, but very friendly, cordial and respectful towards you. We are your umbrella to protect you against the rain or the heat from the sun. We will take care of you and that’s a sincere promise.