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Advice from an Experienced Insurance Adjuster

Advice from an Experienced Insurance Adjuster

Advice from an Experienced Insurance Adjuster

Has a hurricane just passed through your area, leaving your home and property destroyed in its path?  Have you recently suffered from a house fire or flood that has destroyed many of your belongings and materials in your home?  When you suffer from these unfortunate and unforeseen incidents, you will want to file property claims in Hillsborough County, FL.  This will give you insurance compensation from your homeowners' policy to make necessary repairs and replacements to your property.  When it comes time to file your insurance claim, you'll want to follow this advice from our experienced insurance adjusters.

Be On Guard for Scammers

After a storm passes through your areas, insurance scammers will likely flock to your area to try to make quick money from desperate homeowners.  These companies will typically promise to make repairs quickly, which will sound enticing when you are only looking to get back to your normal life.  However, make sure to research before you choose companies to perform repairs.  Make sure they have a reputation in your area, expertise, and proof of insurance and licenses in the industry.  Scammers will not be able to prove these things, which will separate them for high-quality and legitimate contractors.

Stay Focused on a Fair Settlement

Some insurance companies will be overwhelmed with insurance claims, which can have them rushing to make a settlement as soon as possible.  Typically, their initial offers will not be enough to actually cover all the repairs and replacements that you need to restore your home.  Be patient and wait for a settlement that you actually deserve.  By having patience, you can actually get much more money from your insurance company in the long run.

Hire Your Own Advocates

From contractors to insurance adjusters, you should consider hiring your own professionals.  Although your insurance company will typically send out their preferred contractors and adjusters, these individuals are working in the best interest of the company.  To make sure that your interests are considered, opt to hire your own professionals instead of using theirs.  This will ensure that you are heard and that the process is done properly and fairly.

Understand Your Coverage

Many policyholders don't fully understand all their coverages, and they rely on their insurance companies to explain these to them.  Instead, you should take matters into your own hands and fully outline the coverages in your homeowners' policy.  When you have a better understanding of your coverages, you will understand exactly how much insurance compensation you truly deserve and need to cover restoration expenses.

These are a few tips from the professionals that have much experience in the insurance claims process.  In order to have your own advocacy when you file your property claims in Hillsborough County, FL, contact our insurance adjusters to hear how we can help you today.

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