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Five Electrical Hazards that Can Lead to House Fires

Five Electrical Hazards that Can Lead to House Fires

Five Electrical Hazards that Can Lead to House Fires

If you are a homeowner, you are likely aware of all of the hazards and dangers that can cause damage to your property.  However, accidents happen.   This is one of the main reasons why you have invested in a homeowners' insurance policy.  As a professional public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL, we know that being protected against property damage is essential in getting help once it occurs.  Protecting yourself involves more than just having an insurance policy though.  Knowing what types of hazards to avoid is also important, and these are some of the most common electrical hazards that can lead to fires in your home.

Faulty Outlets

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty outlets or outdated appliances.  Be sure that you check the cords on your old or outdated appliances to check for frayed or breakage.  If you notice these issues, replace the cords or appliances immediately so that can prevent any fires.  These cords can quickly spread fires to easily combustible materials, like carpets, furniture, or upholstery.

Light Fixtures

Another common cause of electrical fires is light fixtures, like lamps or overhead lights.  When you install a lightbulb that has a higher wattage than the fixture can handle, you will be susceptible to electrical hazards that can cause fires.  Be sure to always check the maximum wattage and never install a lightbulb that is over the recommended number.

Extension Cords

Running electrical cords underneath rugs and upholstery can easily cause electrical fires, which can then be easily spread throughout the house.  Also, overwhelming your electrical cords with too many other cords can be dangerous.   Avoid this by moving around your appliances so they are closer to wall outlets, and never put too many cords in the same power cords.

Power Strips

Similar to extension cords, you will not want to overwhelm your power strips with too much to handle.  This will cause too much stress on that outlet, which can blow the power strip and cause fires.  Also, you should never plug an appliance into a power strip, as it requires too much power to operate.

Space Heaters

When the temperatures drop, you may find yourself reaching for a space heater or other portable heating devices.  However, space heaters are also a leading cause of household fires.  Be sure that you turn off your space heater at intervals to avoid overheating that can result in fires.  Also, keep blankets, rugs, clothing, and other materials away from the space heater.  These items can easily catch fire, which can spread quickly through your home.

These are some of the most common electrical hazards that can lead to fires in your home.  If you don't have the proper electrical care in your home, you could suffer from a devastating fire that causes extensive damage.  When this occurs, you'll want to trust the help of our trustworthy public claims adjuster in Orlando, FL.  Contact us to hear about our insurance adjusting services today.

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