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Five Holiday Safety Tips that Prevent Theft

Five Holiday Safety Tips that Prevent Theft

Five Holiday Safety Tips that Prevent Theft

Are you concerned with having plenty of gifts and valuables sitting around your home in wrapped packages around the holidays?  Do you worry about all your packages sitting on the porch when you are at work during the day?   During the holiday season, we are likely busy and overwhelmed with all the holiday preparation.  This may cause us to let our guard down, which is when burglars and thieves will be ready to strike.  As experts in property claims in Orlando, FL, we offer these few holiday safety tips to prevent theft during this time of year.

Don't Post Your Shopping Trips on Social Media

Burglars may even troll social media to find people that are on large shopping trips at local retail centers and shopping malls.  Avoid positing about your purchases and your location on social media so that you don't become an easy target for burglars.

Invest in a Video Doorbell

If you are concerned about your packages being stolen off your porch while you are away from home, you should invest in a video doorbell.  These doorbells provide you with security footage and alerts that indicate when someone is at your door.  They detect motion so you can tell when packages are dropped off or any intruders are on your property.

Keep Track of Your Receipts

When you spend a day shopping for the holidays, it can be difficult to remember everything you purchased.  Burglars know that, and they may only just take one or two bags hoping that you don't notice. By keeping track of your receipts, you will be able to know everything you bought.  When you get home and do inventory, you can then notice what is gone.

Only Use One Credit Card

When you are out shopping, be sure to only use the same credit card to make all the purchases that day.  This is the best way to track both your purchases and your cards.  If you use multiple cards, you may not be able to pinpoint the time you saw it last if you happen to misplace it or if someone takes it.  By only using one card, you reduce the chances of being robbed or having your cards stolen without notice.

Keep Packages in Your Trunk While Running Errands

Many people will walk past the windows of cars during the holiday season to see if there are any bags or valuables within eyeshot.  By keeping all your packages and bags in the trunk of your car, you reduce visibility and hide them from plain sight.  This will make you less of a target for burglars to break into your car and steal your purchases.

These are a few tips that you'll want to follow to prevent any theft during the holiday season.  If you happen to become the victim of at theft this year, you'll want to file property claims in Orlando, FL to receive compensation for any stolen valuables.  Contact us to hear how we can help you through the claims process today.

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