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How Home Appraisal Can Assist Your Insurance Claims Process

How Home Appraisal Can Assist Your Insurance Claims Process

How Home Appraisal Can Assist Your Insurance Claims Process

Are you wondering whether you should have your Florida home appraised to assess its new value?  Have you recently completed a renovation or home addition project as an investment into your home? If you have added value or equity onto your home in the recent years, it may be beneficial to have an appraisal done.  This will help assess the proper amount that your home is worth, which can come in handy in case you find yourself filing a property claims in Orlando to recoup compensation for any damages.  There are a few ways that a home appraisal can help you through an insurance claims process.

Appraisals Can Bridge the Gap

Whenever you file property claims in Orlando, you will have your damages evaluated by your insurance company.  This will determine how much they will pay you in compensation to pay for the repairs you need to restore your property or replace your belongings.  However, when you and your insurance company disagree on the amount of compensation they are willing to pay, a home appraisal may be a great option.  This will help provide solid evidence that shows exactly what your property is worth.

Appraisals Can Help You Dispute

If you find yourself upset over the response of your insurance company, you may want to dispute their claim.  This means that you'll have to provide evidence that shows you deserve more compensation than they are willing to pay.  Items like receipts can assist with this process, as well as repairmen that have come to fix the damages.  Many of these companies will work with your insurance company to discuss fair settlement.  However, an appraisal may be the best way to assess the true value of your property to get you what is fair.

Appraisals Should Be Done After Large Changes

Anytime you have a large project or renovation to your home, you should consider getting a home appraisal.  This way, the value of your home will be updated to reflect your newer investments.  Without a current appraisal, the insurance company may value your home at the time of purchase or construction, which can be extremely undervalued if you have added equity into it since then.  Be sure to get an appraisal anytime you make investments to your property, such as renovating or constructing additional structures or additions.

These are just a few ways that a home appraisal can be beneficial to an insurance claims process.  Because we can never truly prepare our homes for destruction or damages, it is important to do whatever we can to protect our property by doing what we can.  Contact us if you are in need of a public adjuster to evaluate your property damages and file property claims in Orlando today.

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